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Summary: World of Crosswords - mobile Crossword puzzles, which are always at hand! Admissibility of the replacement cover of the program, tab of the rating and the possibility to download new crossword puzzles - the main features of the application.

Updated: Apr 2, 2012
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Requirements: Android OS 1.6+ Any screen size
Downloads: 537
What is World of Crosswords for Android:
Developer: Urania Software
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World of Crosswords – a huge number of puzzles in your Android phone. If you like crossword puzzles, then this application is for you!
With World of Crosswords, you can solve crossword puzzles, anytime and anywhere, no longer need to carry paper and pen.
You can download new crossword puzzles every day, configure the interface as you are comfortable, as well as participate in the rankings.
Features World of Crosswords:
- The program contains five covers in different colors
- The application contains puzzles of varying difficulty, as well as on various subjects. There are general and thematic crosswords
- The main feature of World of Crosswords is that an application has the ability to download new crossword puzzles, which appear daily
- Ability to participate in ratings, for this, just enter your username
- Requires Android version 1.6 and higher
- It works on all screen resolutions
- Connect to the Internet to download new puzzles. If you do not have Internet, that’s okay application will run
Annex pleasant, convenient and intuitive interface. After clicking on “Post”, you can choose a crossword puzzle or provide a choice program. You can also continue to solve the last open crossword puzzle, or download new crossword puzzles from the server.
Unlocking a crossword, you can quit at any time – the result saved automatically and can be extended to solve a crossword puzzle later.
With zoom you can zoom in or zoom out crossword grid on the most convenient distance.
In the game menu after clicking on “check” is checked on a crossword puzzle right answers. Wrong answers are given in a list so that we can learn from your mistakes.
After clicking on the “ratings” you need to enter your login. Then you will see the number of points, as well as its place in the ranking. If you press the “T” in the upper right corner, you can see the top ten players.

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