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World’s first genomics insights based personalised live online fitness solution for busy folks.

Are you tired of working out at gyms or at home using scripted guidance & workout videos only to get mediocre & unsuccessful results ?

Do you miss that killer instinct to get fit & ditch all the processed & junk food?

Do you feel less confident while looking at yourself in the mirror?

Do you lack that fitness motivation?

Are you eating what your trainer or coach is telling you but it is not helping you shed that extra fat?

Perhaps a standard & scripted fitness advice is playing a spoilsport!

Welcome to “ FITNESS CLUB”

There are 1 billion plus folks like us

Give your fitness journey a scientific edge by transitioning from generic to genetic

Genefitletics uses interplay between genetic insights derived from DNA test, environment & lifestyle to structure & deliver personalised & content driven flexible live online fitness coaching solutions through international certified fitness coaches at your chosen time through our app! It does not matter whether you are at home, hotel, park or any other location.

DNA or genetic testing insights includes reports & evaluation on risks associated with physical training, nutrition, stress & lifestyle diseases that helps understand what works for your body & how they can be applied to achieve a better & fit version of yourself.

Our fitness content- be it blogs, webinars, podcasts, talk shows, Q&A sessions or Ebooks, enlighten you with relevant information related to nutrition & workout in simple language. This will help you understand the basics about how you can leverage your genetic information to overcome chronic & lifestyle diseases.

One solution fits all and does not work in fitness! We help you uncover your true fitness potential by providing your in depth evaluation of various nutrition & workout related genetic insights( some of them are detailed below):

Your muscle fibre type

Injury risk

Recovery Period

Carbohydrate & fat response

Genetic risk to consuming Lactose & gluten

Genetic predisposition to caffeine

Endurance fitness or power training profile.

Genetic predisposition to diabetes & other lifestyle diseases

From weight loss to training for sports or running/marathon competitions or simply trying to look & feel great, genefitletics has it all.

Now take charge of your health!

Motivation whether it is for workout or eating right sometimes can be hard to comeby! Our regular personalised challenges make sure that the thought of winning & competing with fellow participants gives you enough goosebumps to maintain your fitness discipline. To top it all, our exciting reward mechanism keeps you motivated.

You can look forward to :

Personalised activity challenges: Earn points when you achieve your weekly fitness goals

Fitness Challenges: Take on challenges like improving your strength through workout contests, improving your sleeping habits, managing your stress & eating right that help you win points

Knowledge sharing: Win points when you read our fitness blogs & share them in your community.

Fitness Quiz: Earn points for winning weekly fitness quizzes.

Rewards: Convert your points into H-coins & redeem them for cash & discount vouchers that can be used to purchase products & services on our shop section

Who is Genefitletics for?

Busy professionals, corporate employees, housewives, digital nomads & entrepreneurs who want to


Lose weight

Build muscles

Build a sportsmen or athlete physique

Maintain their fitness level

Overcome lifestyle diseases

And above all for everyone who “ WANT TO LIVE HEALTHIER & HAPPIER LIFE”

Download now

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