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BODY by Blogilates

BODY by Blogilates

  • v1.1.91


Body by Blogilates will get you strong and toned at home with workouts that are not only super effective, but also super fun :)

Certified Fitness and Pilates Instructor, Cassey Ho (Blogilates) has put together all of her best workout videos in one sleek app so you can take her with you anywhere! Cassey's motivational style of teaching will inspire you to push harder than you think you can, leaving your muscles sore and your body transformed!

Because her signature workouts do not require any equipment, you can do Cassey's body sculpting routines anywhere - at home, while traveling, in your hotel room, in the gym - literally wherever!


1. Monthly Workout Calendar

The Blogilates Workout Calendar is a monthly exercise plan designed to help you get lean, toned, and strong at home using the Blogilates workout videos. Every day you will focus on a different muscle group, so that by the end of the week, you'll have worked your total body! Rest days, cardio days, and strength days are all scheduled in for you. Fresh plans at the beginning of EVERY month!

2. Motivational Challenges

- 100 Ab Challenge: 30 days of different ab exercises to flatten your abs and strengthen your core!

- 100 Glute Challenge: 30 days of unique butt lifting exercises to round and shape your booty!

- 7-Day Ab Challenge: A hyper focused ab challenge that will lean out your stomach and help your abs peek through.

- 7-Day Thigh Challenge: A hyper focused thigh challenge that will slim and strengthen your inner and outer thighs.

- 7-Day Glute Challenge: A hyper focused booty challenge that will lift and firm your glutes.

- 7-Day Arm Challenge: A hyper focused arm challenge that will sculpt your shoulders, biceps, and triceps while leaning out your upper body.

Each challenge comes with daily follow-along workout videos so you will always have Cassey there to push you through to the finish line!

3. Complete Workout Video Library

It's the entire Blogilates workout video library in your pocket. Full length videos. No ads. There are hundreds of workouts that will target:

- Abs
- Arms
- Back
- Butt
- Cardio
- Legs
- Stretch
- Total Body

4. Castable to TV!

No more squinting at your phone screen to work out! Cast the workout videos to your TV!

5. Personal Progress Profile

You will be able to track how dedicated you've been to your workout calendar and your challenges. Seeing your stats will help motivate you to stay accountable and not fall off track!


The Body by Blogilates app is 100% free to download! You will have immediate access to the entire workout video library and will be able to do any workout you wish! Plus you'll be able to do the featured challenge of the month for free!


If you want access to the monthly workout calendar AND all of the challenges, then you can sign up for a 7-day free trial!


Body by Blogilates is free to download. Ongoing use of full access features require an active subscription, available on a monthly or yearly basis. Customers who choose a monthly or yearly subscription are eligible for a free 7 day trial period. The subscription cost is $3.99 USD/month or $39.99 USD/year ($3.33 USD/month).



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Android 4.1
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I have been following Cassey for a few years now, and I have done a few of her calendars with great results. I have an annual subscription to another app, which I will be cancelling in favour of Body by Blogilates. I prefer the feeling of doing a workout with my friend in my living room. Cassey’s videos have that very feeling, because she talks to us. She is very strong because she makes all the exercises look so EASY! I am struggling to keep up with her and she's talking to us as though she's sitting down and relaxing. When you open your app, and you tap on the calendar tab, you will see the outline for the day’s workouts. If you are doing an extra challenge, that video is also in your list of videos for the day. The calendar workouts total about 45 minutes to an hour, however, they are made up of a few videos. This means you can do all the videos at once, or spread them out throughout the day. You can fit the workouts into your schedule rather than fitting your schedule into your workouts. On the Home tab in the app, you see one of the videos from the day’s videos playing (without audio). You also see the latest videos she’s released and the featured challenge. On the calendar tab, you see the current month in calendar format, along with the videos for that day (already mentioned above). You have a tab for workouts and you can scroll through the videos for the part you want to work on, or for total body, or stretching. There is a challenge tab and you can choose a different challenge, if you don’t want to do the featured challenge. You can only do one challenge at a time. On the profile tab, you can see your statistics, and your progress through the calendar workouts and the challenge. You can also access your favourited challenges and workout videos. For me, the subscription is excellent value for money. If you are paying monthly, it’s currently $3.99 per month. It is worth it to not have a random ad invade your video in the middle of a really hard move. (Repeat for 3-2- random ad for 30 seconds – Ouch! Now, do I need to balance that on the other side?) If you subtract $1.00 for each video that you complete, or each day that you use the app for a workout video, that would take four videos or four days for the subscription to pay for itself. If you opt for the annual subscription, subtract the cost of a local class off of the cost of your annual subscription and it won’t take you very long to get your money’s worth for the annual price either! It is also cheaper than many gym memberships. If you like Cassey’s workouts and calendars and like the convenience of having everything at your finger tips and no random ads in your workout videos, you should absolutely download this app and subscribe. The app support team at Blogilates have been absolute superstars about answering my emails when I was reporting some of the app’s teething pains. They are very professional, and most importantly, very approachable. It’s very exciting to be part of an app that is growing from the ground up! I can’t wait to see what Cassey and Blogilates have in store for us.
Love the look! I've already done a few workouts and I adore how I can cast them to my TV. Having the app makes coosing my workout routine easy. Now, instead of having to type in searches on YouTube for specific videos, I can easily find them in the app. This makes it especially useful for doing the monthly calander. I also love having featured challenges! I missed doing the ab challenge when it first dropped and I'm excited to be able to do it now. Especially since the app keeps track of my progress. Absolutely love this new app!
Great app and love all the free features! Haven’t used Blogilates in awhile (weight loss discussions have been worded in a way that’s triggering to me). But has gotten me on my fitness journey for 3 years now. Made me look at exercise for mental well-being over physical appearance. She gave me a healthy outlook (until recently). Great personality, workouts doable (ACTUALLY FUN) no matter fitness level. Her outlook on fitness/ free works have literally changed my life. Thank you Cassey
Omg love this app. I get Cassey's awesome Blogilates videos without the crappy political ads or interruptions from YouTube. Even the free version is pretty darned awesome. This is my new favorite workout app. All her videos are on there for free sorted by body part. Even buying it is really cheap. Less than $4/month and you get the calendar videos in order by day and all her challenges. Regular updates!
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