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  • v4.17.0


每款游戏皆内附规则说明及玩法演示。您可以通过分步纸牌指南查看纸牌游戏演示。 因此,尝试新的单人纸牌游戏再也不会成为挑战。
您可以像创建自己的新单人游戏一样更改集合中大多数单人游戏的规则。 您可以将游戏提供给其他玩家。 用户已经发布了150多种新的单人游戏。 所有这些都可供您使用。



以下是如何使用的简短视频250+纸牌游戏合集 collection game.

250 Solitaire Collection (by Alexei Anoshenko) - card game for Android and iOS - gameplay.

250 Solitaires


  • solitaire collection 游戏 适用于 Android 手机和平板电脑。
  • 最新版本 4.17.0 发布于.
  • 免费下载 250+纸牌游戏合集.apk
  • 10.858M+ 安装


  • 需要 9.2M 在您的设备上。
  • 可能无法在以下规格的设备上运行:Require Android 4.4 and up


Android 4.4
card, games, solitaire, collection, canfield, scorpion
Alexei Anoshenko
4.40 满分 5 来自 82 选票


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This game not only offers 250 different games but it also has easy to follow tutorials AND a view option so you can watch a sample game being played so you are able to see if it js something you want to play. It has an easy and very user friendly interface among it's many features. I have tried MANY other games and keep coming back to this one. I now have it on my computer, Kindle Fire, Galaxy 3 Tablet, and had it on my Coby tablet. Truly this is a game I do not believe you would regret downloading.
I've been playing this solitaire app for ages on my tablet. I decided to install it on my phone too. It's just as good and keeps me amused for hours. One of the very best Solitaire apps available. The ads are not particularly obtrusive either.
The best and simplest solitaire game I have found. Days of customisable fun. You don't have to upgrade to enjoy (I just did it for gratitude).
Great game that plats offline as well, would happily pay for this. Why not name a charity for people to donate to as a thank you?
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