Portal finger quest - science

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Portal finger quest - science

传送门手指任务 - 真正的魔术与科学:解决传送门的任务

Portal finger quest - real magic tricks & science: fun & unusual quests about teleports. Portals are full of secrets, illusions & riddles – use all the capabilities of your phone to solve them. Feel as scientists: touch the portals with a single finger to find the answers! What's hidden inside of this new portal? Try this crazy, mind blown & hypnotic game: quests & riddles, real magic tricks & mysteries await! Solve real quests, have fun! Thumbs up!

This is an unusual game about teleportation & fun quest about magic tricks. Pretend you’re mad scientist: those portals on the screen hide secrets & illusions, try to solve them all! Your friends will be hypnotized with game about teleportation digital technology. Enjoy this quest game for free: use fingers & all the capabilities of your phone to solve all the mysteries! Turn, shake and touch your device to find the answers. Portal finger quest is fun: try our quests using those transparent portals – there are so many things hidden inside! If you already tried everything, shaking and turning your phone, but still can't find the answer – try to use a small hint.

Do you like science fiction movies? Open this app and find out what is hidden behind this portal! Feel as a scientist who invented teleports & transparent portals: lean a single finger to the screen, use your logic and solve the quest. Of course you can't teleport your finger through transparent screen, but if you like fiction movies, you'll enjoy these irrational riddles & funny secrets! Imagine how you break law of physics and feel like crazy scientists. Exercise your thumb with real magic tricks & riddles: use fingers & all the capabilities of your phone to find the answers, but don't touch the gadget with dirty hands! We hope you'll like this fun exercise: just tap it with thumbs and enjoy digital technology illusions & funny quests!

Portal finger quest - real magic tricks & science app features:
~ Funny fingers quests about portals & teleports
~ Use all the capabilities of your phone: shake, turn and touch the screen
~ Can't solve the riddle? Try to use a hint!
~ Quest game free: feel as a mad scientist
~ Fun science games: riddles, secrets & illusions
~ Dizzy & mind blown fingers exercise for science fiction films fans
~ Hypnotic game with real quests for you & friends
~ Safe application: no blood, bloody scenes, screamers, violence or anything

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执照 自由
要求 Require Android 4.4 and up
语言 中文
分类目录 simulation, games, portal, finger, quest, magic
尺寸 32M
作者 Appache Selection: casual games and useful tools
资料下载 7497516
下载选项 APK
用户评分 3.22 / 5



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