Color Blocks Fill | block puzzle | coloring games

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Color Blocks Fill | block puzzle | coloring games


Are you looking for an addictive Color Blocks Fill - block puzzle - coloring games to sharpen your mind? Do you like color fill puzzle games? Will you like to take some time out for coloring therapy and fill colors in your phone screen and your life? Sit back and relax as you swipe the color block paint roller on the board and watch the cubes get filled with color on the simulation experience of Color Blocks Fill - block puzzle - coloring games . The most famous color file cube game is ready for you now!


Color fill puzzle game is one of the best 3D satisfying games, with high-quality graphics, One-Touch control, cool animation effects, and super game mechanics. It will take you through an awesome world filled with a variety of cool new shapes to fill with color and challenging obstacles for an amazing gaming experience. Take a break from your work and refresh your brain in this new color cube 3D game. You’re going to love it!


With Color Blocks Fill - block puzzle - coloring games , you can let your coloring master unleash its true color filling skills. All you need to do is use your skills to swipe the painting roller in any direction in the cube blocks shape and fill the blocks. Choose the best course to fill as many cubes as possible in a single go! Everything is simple and easy with this amazing block color fill 3D game!


Color Blocks Fill 3D Game has various features that will enhance your experience. Be the master of color fill line game and show your coloring skills, move vertically or horizontally to fill the cubes, collect gems by moving roller in the direction of gems scattered in the shape on your screen, avoid the challenging obstacles, increase your score and collect star bonuses at the end of the game, experience the satisfaction of coloring the cubes as you collect more score for every cube that you fill, and enjoy challenging your friends and family! You won’t regret playing this amazing 3D coloring cube game.

• How to play? •

Download and launch the color puzzle game

Swipe to start the color filling game on your screen

Swipe and drag the paint roller in any direction to color it

Fill the color in color cube rows and columns with the best moves

Collect Gems, color the whole shape, and have fun!

• Features •

★ Simple, easy, and intuitive color puzzle game UI/UX

★ Smooth and responsive swiping controls to play the color puzzle

★ Exciting new 3D shapes in every level to fill the color

★ Quick and easy swipe and start control to begin the coloring fun

★ Swipe and drag the paint roller to easily fill the color cube

★ Fill the color in all the cubes by choosing the best single row to color

★ Color it all by using your smart thinking and decision-making skills

★ Collect gems by swiping the paint roller in the direction of gems

★ View your color puzzle progress right from the game screen

★ Collect score for as many cubes as you can color in one go

★ Steer clear of static and moving boundaries in the level to have fun

★ Collect star bonus at the end of every level to boost the score

★ Automatic swiping of game levels to new levels after clearing old levels

★ Interactive background music and appealing sound effects

Are you ready to play one of the most exciting color filling games available online? If yes, the new color cube puzzle game is here to free you of your boredom. Download and play Color Blocks Fill - block puzzle - coloring games – 3D Satisfying Games - puzzle game today!

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要求 Require Android 4.4 and up
语言 中文
分类目录 arcade, games, color, blocks, puzzle, coloring
尺寸 20M
作者 ArcaGames
资料下载 203971
下载选项 APK
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