Toy Collapse: Bomb Box Cubes, Toon Story

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Toy Collapse: Bomb Box Cubes, Toon Story



玩具摧毁(Toy Collapse)是一款简单而又具有挑战性的免费方块游戏。您不需要花任何一分钱来完成这个游戏。匹配相同颜色的方块,并摧毁框框来晋级。没有时间限制。您只是受到移动次数的限制。去吧,碰撞这些卡通方块吧!

虽然这不是3连消游戏,但在某种程度上,玩具摧毁(Toy Collapse)与3连消游戏是相似的。这只是另一种匹配游戏。




玩具摧毁(Toy Collapse)的主要特征是:

- 绚丽多彩的屏幕,美妙的音效,富有挑战性和有趣的游戏
- 650个关卡,完成所有关卡,达到游戏的巅峰(直至现在!)
- 令人惊艳的图像和美丽的视觉效果
- 强力助推器
- 轮盘迷你游戏:通过旋转幸运轮盘赢得支持者和硬币。
- 当您达到一定的关卡时,您就会收到惊喜的盒子
- 连接到Facebook,让您的朋友看到您的位置
- 探索地图并解开13个不同的世界

玩具摧毁(Toy Collapse)将提高您解决问题的能力。在磨练您的大脑的同时享受这份乐趣。这个益智游戏将是您的下一个脑筋急转弯游戏。您可以在任何您想玩的地方玩,随时都可以暂停。您可以在地铁、公共汽车甚至走路的时候玩。在家里、学校或办公室里玩,想什么时候暂停时就暂停。





Help Laura collect the toys and complete her story.

Toy Collapse is a simple yet challenging free block game. You don’t have to pay a dime to finish the game. Match cubes of the same color and crash the boxes to clear a level. There is no time limit. You are just limited by the number of moves. Go ahead, crash toon blocks!

Although it is not a match 3 game Toy Collapse is similar with these match 3 games in a way. This is just another kind of matching game.

All you can do is popping matching cubes to make new ones fall from above. No need to match 3 cubes, it is perfectly possible to match 2 cubes blast from the same color at least.

Very easy to learn. The gameplay is very intuitive.

The main features in Toy Collapse are:

- Brilliant, colorful screen, wonderful sound effects, challenging and funny gameplay
- 650 addictive levels, finish all of them and reach the peak of the game (for now!)
- Stunning graphics and beautiful visual effects
- Powerful boosters
- Spin wheel mini game: Win boosters and coins by spinning the lucky wheel
- You will receive surprise boxes when you reach certain levels
- Connect to Facebook and see your place among your friends
- Explore the map and unlock 13 different worlds

Toy Collapse will improve your problem-solving skills. Have fun while sharpening your brain. This puzzle game will be your next brain teaser. You can play it anywhere you want and pause anytime. You can play it in subway, bus or even while walking. Play it at your home, school or office and just pause whenever you want.

You can make the game ad-free if you buy remove ads.

Laura, a sweet toon character, will always be with you during the adventure. She’s cute as a panda. Help her collect her toys and make her happy. She likes the sound it makes when she crushes candy in her mouth. She also adores jelly, soda and all other junk foods that contain sugar like many children at her age.

Smash toon blocks and crush toon blocks! Try it it’s really fun!

Toy Collapse: Bomb Box Cubes, Toon Story 最近更新为 games collapse 申请 Match Three Puzzle Games, 可用于各种 blast 目的. 其最新版本为 2.1.5 具有 2899838 下载. 您可以下载 Toy Collapse: Bomb Box Cubes, Toon Story APK 适用于Android.

您可以轻松地从其屏幕截图中提取有关每个应用程序的详细信息。 对其功能以及对它的期望有一个聪明的主意。


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要求 Require Android 4.4 and up
语言 中文
分类目录 puzzle, games, collapse, blast, toys, toons
尺寸 75M
作者 Match Three Puzzle Games
资料下载 2899838
下载选项 APK
用户评分 4.40 / 5



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