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Exercise with MoovBuddy’s programs prepared by doctors and physiotherapists. Feel the change with quick-exercises, ergonomic tips, and health suggestions that we send every day! You can find special programs for back, waist, neck pain. MoovBuddy also has posture exercises, joint strengthening programs such as the knee, hip, and shoulder as well as plank exercises that you can easily do at home or in the office, and more. Download now for a unique workout experience!

What is MoovBuddy For?

✔ Relieve back and neck pain,
✔ Fix your posture,
✔ Make your muscles and joints stronger,
✔ Stride toward a healthy life

Apart from the exercises for back, neck, knee pain and posture exercises; MoovBuddy also has specialized exercises prepared by physiotherapists.

✔ Women Health Specific Exercise Programs,
✔ Exercises for Office Hours,
✔ Exercises against Bloating and Constipation,
✔ Exercises for Gamers,
✔ Exercises Before and After Sleep,
✔ Exercises for Special Diseases such as Osteoporosis, Fibromyalgia.

WHO IS MoovBuddy FOR?

✔ People who want to protect their health,
✔ Those who want to do sports with programs prepared by doctors and physical therapy specialists,
✔ Those with low back pain, back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, knee pain,
✔ Those who work at the desk, office, computer for a long time,
✔ Those who want to do short and effective exercises at home and office,
✔ Those who want to correct posture,
✔ Those who want to do sports at home.

Trusted and Approved Content: MoovBuddy provides more than 100+ special exercise programs that are created by DOCTORS and PHYSIOTHERAPISTS. Our health team prepares each program by considering specific cases of related issues.

Daily Reminders and Recommendations: The key factor for the best result is performing your exercises continuously. The app reminds you of exercise time. Reminders are configurable. MoovBuddy has also ergonomics and healthy lifestyle recommendations that help prevent wrong habits that affect you in a negative way. It allows you to relax your muscles and feel better without even getting up with the short exercises it sends daily.

Feedbacks and Activity History: MoovBuddy allows you to see the completion status, pain, and functionality in an easily understandable way. As you improve, you can enroll in advanced programs.

Short & Efficient Exercises That Easy to Apply: Now, it is easy to exercise thanks to MoovBuddy! To exercise, getting stronger, and feeling healthy, you can make short and easy-to-apply programs that are approved by doctors at home, at work, in the office, whenever you are with your mobile devices.

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