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Immanuel Way Halim Hospital Lampung 的注册和服务信息

This application aims to meet the needs of the community in terms of getting information and registering to get health services at the Immanuel Way Halim Hospital.
The features provided include:
1. General Patient Registration, BPJS, Insurance (New and Old Patients)
2. General Patient Ordering, BPJS, Insurance (New and Old Patients)
3. Registration of Supporting Examination (Laboratory)
4. Registration Queue Status (BPJS, General, Insurance)
5.Status of Doctor's Examination Queue
6.Bed Management (Information of bed availability)
7. Doctor's Practice Schedule
9. Visiting Hours Rules
10.Navigation (MAP)
11. Emergency Call Number
12. Service Fees and other services

Patient orders are only open for a maximum of 1 month from the order date.
Verification hours are in accordance with hospital regulations and are subject to change without prior notice.
Patients can only make a booking once for the same doctor and the same schedule.
Patients can only register once for the same doctor and the same schedule.
delay in verification will result in automatic cancellation by the system, so the patient in question must re-register starting from the initial online registration process or directly to the registration machine available at Immanuel Way Halim Hospital, Lampung
The deadline for registration and verification is in accordance with the limits set by the system.
delays in verification that result in automatic cancellation by the system are the full responsibility of the patient
The verification hour limit used is the local server hour of the Immanuel Way Halim Hospital

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