Molsaqaty - Arabic Stickers

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Molsaqaty - Arabic Stickers

WhatsApp WAStickerApps的阿拉伯语贴纸。

Huge collection of WhatsApp Arabic Stickers, Text Emoticons, Text Symbols, Cool Text, and Emoji Art to express yourself on any chat app.
. 2000+ High Quality WhatsApp Sticker Packs (WAStickerApps). The app comes with 300 stickers. The rest can be downloaded from our servers to save your phone space.
. You can send sticker packs to WhatsApp original or business. However, you cannot use this feature with any app the mimics WhatsApp such as GBWhatsApp.
. 5000+ Text Symbols.
. 800+ Text Emoticons.
. 35 Cool Artistic Text Fonts.
. Awesome EmojiArt that converts your text into image made from emojis of your choice.
. Send Emojis to major chat Apps like WhatsApp, Viber, Messenger, and others.
. All sticker packs are 100% free!
Problem Fix
- Update your WhatsApp to the latest version to be able to send and receive stickers.
- Remove the app from Android battery optimization list under "Android/Settings/Battery/Optimization". Otherwise, stickers will disappear from Whatsapp.
- If Whatsapp fails to add the sticker pack, just restart the app and try again. This is a common problem with Whatsapp.

How to use sticker packs on WhatsApp?
- Install then open app.
- Browse sticker packs then tap 'add to Whatsapp' to add a pack of stickers to WhatsApp.
- Open WhatsApp and start a chat conversation.
- Tap on the emoji icon inside the chat box.
- The app icon will be displayed under the chat box.
We update our servers with new stickers for all occasions periodically. Once, we add something new, the app will show you sample stickers. if you like, just download the pack.
Happy Stickering :D

Molsaqaty - Arabic Stickers 最近更新为 molsaqaty arabic 申请 Sciweavers, 可用于各种 stickers 目的. 其最新版本为 2.8 具有 545243 下载. 您可以下载 Molsaqaty - Arabic Stickers APK 适用于Android.

您可以轻松地从其屏幕截图中提取有关每个应用程序的详细信息。 对其功能以及对它的期望有一个聪明的主意。


执照 自由
要求 Require Android 5.0
语言 中文
分类目录 social, molsaqaty, arabic, stickers, stickering, whatsapp
尺寸 1.4 Mb
作者 Sciweavers
资料下载 545243
下载选项 APK
用户评分 4.21 / 5



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