Quran Mazid (Tafsir & ByWords)

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Quran Mazid (Tafsir & ByWords)


Quran Mazid - কুরআন মাজীদ is one of the most Popular Quran App with 34000+ Reviews and 4.8/5 Ratings. In Our app will get almost all important features like Multiple Translations, Multiple Tafsirs, Word By Word with Audio, Quran Recitation, Quran Index etc.


■ Clean And Attractive UI/UX Design।

■ 40+ Translations & 10+ Tafsir (with Tafseer Ibn Kathir)

■ Word by Word Translation With Audio in English, Indonesian, Bangla based on Quran

■ Quran Index With Subjectwise Quran Orientation

■ Quran mp3 Recitation: Listen to several recitations by 30+ Reciters (downloadable for offline use). Mishary Al Afasy, Abdur Rahman As-Sudais,and many other Qaris

■ Nurani & Hafezi Quran.

■ Bookmarks / Favorites separated into User Made Categories

■ Powerful Text Search Engine with Highlights

■ Uthmani or IndoPak script style

■ Color Coded Tajweed

■ Multiple Themes including Night Mode

■ Autoscroll feature

■ Copy & Share the verses


💙 Quran Website - www.quranmazid.com
💙 Hadith Website - www.ihadis.com

⚡⚡ Developed by Islamic Resource Development - IRD

Quran Mazid (Tafsir & ByWords) 最近更新为 reference quran 申请 Digital Apps BD, 可用于各种 mazid 目的. 其最新版本为 4.0.4 具有 688601 下载. 您可以下载 Quran Mazid (Tafsir & ByWords) APK 适用于Android.

您可以轻松地从其屏幕截图中提取有关每个应用程序的详细信息。 对其功能以及对它的期望有一个聪明的主意。


执照 自由
要求 Require Android 4.4 and up
语言 中文
分类目录 books, reference, quran, mazid, tafsir, bywords
尺寸 32M
作者 Digital Apps BD
资料下载 688601
下载选项 APK
用户评分 4.79 / 5



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