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Nuclear Sunset

Nuclear Sunset

  • v1.3.6

第一人称射击 3d 动作。潜行者喜欢开放世界的故事游戏

Dive into the world destroyed by nuclear war! Survive, if you can, among the mutants, radiation, hunger and bloodthirsty enemies in post-apocalyptic world. Survival Nuclear Sunset is not so easy. Think first of all about yourself, but do not forget about your fellow survivors, who were also unlucky in this apocalypse. Full freedom of action, a lot of quests, as well as a big world full of dangers, hiding places, secrets… A lot of useful things are placed inside abandoned houses.

Common life turned into true survival after nuclear war. Apocalypse destroyed modern civilization, but not humanity. There is a long story about life in destroy. People left cities, because they were polluted by radiation.

You are just another survivor, but you have no community, because you woke up in the forest and even didn’t remember your name. Get up and try to stay alive! You can do it even offline.

Nuclear Sunset - survival action game with shooter elements about doom world, where your common target is to survive. There are four locations with very different content. Some of the places were inspired by real radioactive locations in Chernobyl abandoned zone. Village is the zone, which is controlled by your fellows, some of which give you quests. Forest - location without people, but full of wolves, that will try to kill everyone. Your duty is to protect your camp from hostile community, which bases on swamp. Also there is a very weak frontier between your camp and forest full of beasts.

A lot of survival elements are in this post apocalypse game, although it has much more other interestings things. You will get quests from your community members, when you should make different types of activities - to protect your comrades, find useful things. Some of these quests are connected with a story that sometimes has unpredictable turns.

Use all that remains after the nuclear war, that happened 50 years ago. This survival offline game has a lot of weapons - knives, axes, bows, crossbows, and even firearms. You have an ability to change your way of passing quests: using melee weapons, shooting from handmade guns or sniper manner. But do not think that everything is easy to get. To get really good weapons and armor, you will need to buy them. It’s needed to improve your equipment to survive. Earn local post apocalypse currency - matchboxes, performing tasks, hunting and trading with your fellow tribesmen. Good luck at nuclear battlegrounds.

As it was said before, there are a lot of hiding places, which contain useful things. You can research abandoned houses, vehicles and wastelands to find things that need for survival or you can just sell it. Four big locations, where you will complete your quests, are full of caches in hiding furniture, bags and boxes.

Nuclear Sunset is a survival game in the post-apocalyptic world with numerous dangers such as contagion, killing wild beasts, mad humans and closed radioactive territories. It works offline. Your fellows, who outlast in this badlands, left their camp only in daylight. And you must too! You can sleep in the camp. Also you’ll find there tribesmen, with whom you can trade. Story revolves around war between two communities that fight for fertile land and safe buildings.

Apocalypse turned all people into enemies.

Don’t keep the attention to overcome this crucible post apocalypse! Download this survival game! Pull the trigger and try to not to die!



  • nuclear sunset 游戏 适用于 Android 手机和平板电脑。
  • 最新版本 1.3.6 发布于.
  • 免费下载 nuclear-sunset.apk
  • 310,342+ 安装


  • 需要 100M 在您的设备上。
  • 可能无法在以下规格的设备上运行:Require Android 4.4 and up


Android 4.4
action, games, nuclear, sunset, survival, post
3.20 满分 5 来自 32 选票


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The game is actually not that bad its a decent first person game for a phone game I like the consept but some things that need work are the looking mechanic with the touch pad the camera feels too floaty and the dialogue is kinda out of wack it was hard for me to understand what the people in the game were trying to say also how about a looting system like coubords drawers closets stuff like that and there was an area where there were a bunch of invisible walls please fix that but good game keep it up 👍
Please Add A Part 2. (Edit) : wait Huh? What Update? I Played This Game 2 Days Ago And Beated It (Edit 2) : I Played the Latest Version The Story Is Short I played The Version with More Features 1.2.4 and I Played 1.2.2 Of Course I Just Came Back to see the New Updates While i was Playing 1.2.2 The Game Was Hard in the Cellar Mission But Thanks To the Mew Update That It was Eased ((((((: (edit 3) what New In the 1.2.5 Just Questioning (:
This game is refined and has pretty polished gameplay with an awesome albeit short story. Some fights(Like the cellar one) are kinda hard but not impossible. All in all a good challenging game with respectable graphics and great gameplay. Microtransactions are not forced upon you. This game is 5 star.
It's Like Fallout but with bad Englislh and could have better graphics. I'm starting a series on it on my YouTube channel and I was wondering if you (the creator) would like me to shout you out.Also keep up the good work.
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