Fun Toys for Girls and Boys

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Fun Toys for Girls and Boys

Enjoy each of our toys, take good care of them and show them to your friends.

We invite you to a place so you can play whatever you want with our toys.
At Minibuu we invite you to a very special spot, our toy room!
It's recess time and we want you to take advantage of your time to play with all of our toys.
Enjoy each of our toys, take good care of them and show them to your friends.
Don't worry about using them all quickly, the toys we have for you can be used as long as you want and as many times as you want so don't be in a hurry.
You are invited to play in our game room as many times as you want.

Super Castle Building Kit:
Wow! What will be in this trunk here?
Well, if you open the lid, a castle building kit will appear before you.
What is amazing? Well, you'll see why!
In our construction kit you have a lot of possibilities to make the castle of your dreams.
Show your dads what your strength is. Imagine what it must be like to live in it.
Toys for Santa Claus:

In Minibuu, at Christmas time, we are Santa Claus elves.
In our playroom there are many toys, at Christmas we help Santa fill his bag of gifts.
Look at! Here it comes! Quick, we have to help put away the toys that are on the list.
Let's share our toys so that many kids have a great time.
Gashapaw Ball Machine:

A giant mechanical cat with a world of kittens inside. What, you don't think so? Well go ahead.
Introduce yourself to Gashapaw and don't worry, he's a good cat.
Gashapaw is very good-natured and although he is imposing a bit, he loves to play riddles with others, in fact, if you get the riddles on his belly right, he will be so happy that he will give you a gift by introducing you to his kind family.

Music Phone:
Look what we have here.
A valuable toy that has been stored in our playroom for a long time.
It works with spinning discs to play a variety of songs.
This toy is perfect to find your mood with its musical records.
A relaxed album, or something more cheerful.
Our valuable music phone is sure to have a song for you.
Oh, and use it with great care that it is very fragile, okay? Enjoy!.

You can play our toys as many times as you want.
This app "Collection of fun toys" is so that you can have a great time while you play.
Our toy room is always open.

- Get creative with all the selection of towers, gates and decorations for your castle.
- Recognize among all the toys the one that Santa wants for his sleigh.
- The Gashapaw codes will test your associative ability.
- Be the lucky one with Gashapaw's bounty and meet tons of adorable mini cats.
- Four music discs to enjoy !!.
- I hope you have good space awareness because if not ... well you will see.
- A customizable four-by-four phone to prepare you for a race.

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Help us to improve! If you have any ideas to make this game, an even more fun game, do not hesitate to contact us. Your comments, technical problems, and suggestions are also totally welcome.
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About Minibuu:
Minibuu is a fun and educational game development company for children. For us, the little ones are the main source of inspiration, so we work to support them to develop their imagination, creativity and knowledge.

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