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Epic Sword Quest

Epic Sword Quest

  • v1.2.4

在Epic Sword Quest中体验复古风格的3D幻想世界!


★던전은 장비빨 : 방치 수집형 키우기 RPG 게임 설명★


▶ 거추장한 설명 하지 않겠습니다

▶ 이 게임은 몹을 잡아 돈을 벌고,

▶ 동료를 고용하여 더 쎈 몹을 잡고,

▶ 몹을 노예로 부려먹어 돈을 더 벌고,

▶ 더 좋은 장비를 획득하여,

▶ 최강 용사가 되는 게임입니다.

여기까지 봐주셨으니 조금만 거추장하게 설명하겠습니다.

◈ 간편 조작으로 스킬과 동료의 화려한 합동공격!

◈ 단순 방치에서 벗어나 반격스킬로 쫄깃하게!

◈ 150종의 장비!! ◁현재기준 (추가 업데이트 예정)

◈ 25종류의 동료 캐릭터!! ◁현재기준 (추가 업데이트 예정)

◈ PVP, 길드, 간지 랭킹 시스템!! (길드는 곧 업데이트 예정)

어차피 어떤 설명을 해도, 해보지 않으면 모릅니다.

자! 어서! 다운 받으세요!


개발자 연락처 :




  • 游戏 适用于 Android 手机和平板电脑。
  • 最新版本 1.2.4 发布于.
  • 免费下载 epic-sword-quest.apk
  • 19,181+ 安装


  • 需要 121M 在您的设备上。
  • 可能无法在以下规格的设备上运行:Require Android 6.0 and up


Android 6.0
role playing, games
4.40 满分 5 来自 45 选票


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So I bet this is a really good game but for me i just got a new phone so it isn't the phone and I installed the game and it tells me to download some stuff so I hit ok and it doesnt do anything I don't know what is wrong so if anyone has any advice ill take it i did hit ok and watch that cutscene a bunch I have no idea what is happening
Great game. Love the graphics and the different gears. If you could have more than two fellows with you then the game would be even better. But all in all this game deserves 5 stars
The game is basically Knighthood with a different aesthetic, but it's a playable game and it's entertaining enough. More impressed that customer service isn't a copy/paste not 👌
This is the best hack and slash looter in my opinion. They really nailed the player power feeling, just wish they had an option to do 2x battle speed.
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