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Ask Astrologer Online For Tarot, Psychic, Numerology, Horoscope, Vedic Astrology

Bodhi is the one stop astrology app to steer you away from all your life’s problems. Ask Astrologers of Vedic Astrology, Psychics, Kundli, Numerology, Panchang, Tarot, Horoscope, Vastu Astrology, Palm reader to get long term guidance to achieve your goals. You can also get Match Matching, Rashifal, Daily horoscope, Panchang & much more in this astrology app.

We launched Bodhi astrology app as we saw how users were posting about their astrology experiences on Astrosage Kundli, Astroyogi, Astrotalk, Astro Guru, Guruji, Yodha, Insta Astro, Suvich, Taaraka, Clickastro and OMI. We realized a platform which allows them to find a life guide was the need of the hour.

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From horoscope, tarot card reading, Panchang, palmistry, traditional jyotish, numerology, vastu, love astrology, medieval rashifal, kp astrology, marriage astrology and career astrology, you name it and we have it in our astrology app!

We have some of the finest astrologers from various fields of astrology like tarot, numerology, kundli, palmistry, jyotish, rashifal, kp, who will guide you towards leading a successful, blissful and risk-free life. You can chat with your astrologer, get a one-on-one call and also get free follow-up calls and remedies to all your life’s problems.

Bodhi is the BEST Astrology & Kundli App in India. Have Astrovarta (Astrotalk) with Astrosage, Astroyogi, Astroguru & GuruJi on Bodhi.

Key Features

A kundli is the deciding factor for finding out about Manglik Dosha or any type of Dosha. Following an analysis of the kundli, you can get answers to all of your questions, be it about your career, love, match making or health, find it in your kundli. Get your kundali by Date of Birth and Time.

Tarot is the very popular fortune telling method in astrology. Get a customised reading based on your tarot cards, including live conversation with a tarot card specialist. Take out your daily tarot card, which comes with a little message to brighten your day.

Through the analysis of standard points and auxiliary lines, we provide you with the analysis report to provide useful suggestions for your life. With palm reading, you can learn about your fortune depending on your birth date. Our palm readers can assist you with scholastic, financial, and health-related issues.

In numerology, the essence of every personality is found in the Life Path number. Our top numerologists will bring out your hidden talents, and your life goals. They predict the events ahead and help you to make the best use of opportunities and ability to face the challenges.

Vastu is a lifestyle in which we blend the ancient system of structure formations and logical system of energies to make a formula for a better living. Our top vastu astrologers check your horoscope and guide you in ways you can match your horoscope with your personal vastu to enhance prosperity in life.

Best Astrologers
All our astrologers are put through 4 levels of verification process. We only select the best of the astrologers who will be able to professionally answer all queries, keeping the most precise astrological predictions.

Consult astrologers from your own region, select from multiple languages. We have Tamil astrologers, Telugu astrologers, Hindi astrologers, Kannada astrologers and Marathi astrologers.

Be Our Valued Customer- Your details and discussions are strictly confidential between you and your astrologer. We are a trustworthy online astrology app. Our customer satisfaction is most important to us.

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Disclaimer: Bodhi is a marketplace for experts in astrology, numerology & tarot reading. Bodhi charges for the chat/call service and holds no responsibility or liability about the reality or reliability of the astrology services.

Bodhi 最近更新为 bodhi astrology 申请 Bodhi Astrology App, 可用于各种 horoscope 目的. 其最新版本为 1.8.25 具有 177231 下载. 您可以下载 Bodhi APK 适用于Android.

您可以轻松地从其屏幕截图中提取有关每个应用程序的详细信息。 对其功能以及对它的期望有一个聪明的主意。


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