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Our focus is to cater to one core need of it’s consumer base – “Being a guide/support to ensure it’s users a continuous support towards the right path towards their religious journey”.

Design Philosophy – The entire app has been redesigned keeping in mind the day-to-day religious journey of a Muslim, ensuring a very natural access and discovery of relevant information and content. We have also kept in mind various formats in which the same is accessed by the consumer:

1. Language Options – The entire app has been made available across 5 languages – Hindi, Urdu, Arabic, English, and Bengali

2. Quran Language - The core of the app, Quran, will be made available in 3 languages – Hindi, Urdu and Arabic. Currently we have the Arabic version live on the app and we will be rolling out the surah wise Quran in Hindi and Urdu very soon

3. Content Format – All the content categories including Quran has been made available in all possible formats on consumption – Audio Only (for handsfree consumption), Audio-Video (for more immersive consumption) and Text Format (for more in-depth reading and learning)

Content Offering – Bedrock of Ibaadat has been its unparalleled depth of content across various categories like Surah, Naat, Daily duas, Deeni Malumat, Ramzan Ke Masle Masail, Tafseer and Tilawat-e-Quran, Documentaries on famous dargah, Seerat-e-Rasool, 99 names of Allah etc. We have more than 35,000 minutes of 1100+Audio and 750+Audio-Video content.

The Offering - The app offering following key features to the consumer:

1.tIbaadat of The Day - A specialised curation, providing an extremely customised daily prayer/religious routine and information. More importantly it prompts its user to offer prayers and spend time consuming religious information on a daily basis. It offers a unique combination of text based, visual and audio/video content

2.tQuran - An in-depth coverage of Quran is the core of the offering. Quran is being provided in multiple languages (Hindi, Urdu, and Arabic), Multiple formats (Audio, A/V and Text).

3.tCommunity - Realising the need for providing a social connect between fellow Muslims, community section has been designed to offer communal platform for people to exchange their views and offer support and prayers to each other.

4.tIbaadat TV - This section offers a wide range of A/V and audio content for an immersive religious experience. To offer hands-free experience, user will also have the option to access audio only content.

5.tUtilities - Keeping in mind various religious needs of the consumer, a wide range of utilities have been designed and offered in the app.

- Worldwide Azan times- Islamic prayer times are calculated based on the sunrise and sunset time of the location.

- Tasbeeh -The Tasbeeh beads which can be used after every prayer offering, helps you keep relaxed and switch off from the external world. You have the option to customise them as per your liking.

- Qibla- This utility of the app helps you determine the exact correct directions so that you can perform your prayers in the most correct way possible.

- Nearest Halal Place- This feature helps the user make an informed decision when shopping for Halal products.

- Nearest Mosque- You can find the nearest mosque around your current location so that you can visit the place and complete your namaz on time.

- E-Books- We have multiple Islamic e-books, including free ones which you can read on the go, on your mobile phone. You can also download and read these books offline.

6.tE-Commerce - Ibaadat is the only stop shop offering in e-commerce space for all Islamic products and prayer accessories. We have partnered with “Chishty Foundation (Ajmer Sharif)” as well to offer consumers a wide range of hand-crafted Islamic gifts including wall hangings, paintings and wooden frames.

Please feel free to mail your ideas to us on "Contactus.Ibaadat@shemaroo.com"

May Allah bless us all!

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