Zuzu - Free Sound & Music effects. Download as mp3

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Zuzu - Free Sound & Music effects. Download as mp3


Zuzu has thousands of free sound effects for everyone. Choose the category you like and find the music effects and sounds. Sounds are updated regularly.

This app for android offers many and varied sounds of exceptional sound quality. Ideal for spending quality time with your friends, you can have fun trying to make them guess incredible sounds. You can also trick someone on the phone into believing that you are in a farm just by triggering the sound of a cow. If you are creative, you will become addicted to it!

You can easily play sound inside an app using beautiful in-app music player. If you loved the sound you found click to download button to download mp3 version of this sound.

All the sounds are listed by category; you will quickly find what you are looking for with this app!


- Animals

- Horror

- Disgusting

- Public

- Weapons

- Explosions

- Shouting

- Bird songs

- Sports

- Véhicles

- Music


- A large choice of original noises and sounds effects.

- High quality sounds.

- A pretty neat and ergonomic design

- Free and regularly updated

Important Disclaimer


Zuzu app is a product of "Zuzuper Ltd" and provides sound and music effects search only! We don`t offer any copyrighted music download.

Dear Google Administrators,

I keep receiving fake trademark and DMCA complains. I have already provided needed documents proving that they are fake. But If you will get such complains again please contact me 1st before making any decisions. With all respect, please, take a look at my account, there is my address, email, phone number.

Zuzu - Free Sound & Music effects. Download as mp3 最近更新为 audio free 申请 Zuzuper Ltd, 可用于各种 sound 目的. 其最新版本为 1.7.8 具有 8236539 下载. 您可以下载 Zuzu - Free Sound & Music effects. Download as mp3 APK 适用于Android.

您可以轻松地从其屏幕截图中提取有关每个应用程序的详细信息。 对其功能以及对它的期望有一个聪明的主意。


执照 自由
要求 Require Android 4.2 and up
语言 中文
分类目录 music, audio, free, sound, effects, download
尺寸 7.6M
作者 Zuzuper Ltd
资料下载 8236539
下载选项 APK
用户评分 4.38 / 5



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