Beat Em Up Fight

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Beat Em Up Fight


Chan always believed that where there's a will there's a way. After his father’s death, Chan and his mom moved to a new china town. He was looking forward to this new chapter of his life. Chan always had a hard time getting to know people, and Chan wanted to take care of his mom, therefore he decided to join a martial arts training center. A few weeks later, the place where he was training Kung Fu fight was owned by a mafia and they used to recruit people for their illegal businesses. Chan was offered the same, and the time has now come for Chan to face his biggest beat em up karate fighting rivals and to protect himself. Let’s play a Kung Fu karate fighting game as a Chan and takedown martial arts training fighters and Kung Fu master.

Are you ready for an ultimate kung Fu punch boxing fight?

Download karate & boxing games and martial arts training master now and help Chan defeat his karate rivals. This season does not miss out on extreme action. This game provides a real karate fighting simulation of a martial arts training club where you have to defend yourself from multiple fighters and beat them all at once. Defeat all the Kung Fu fighters and become a martial arts champion.

Win all the beat em up karate fighting challenges to get coins and unlock more levels. Get rewards after completion of each fight level. Double your free rewards by watching a video. This game offers multiple environment modes like deserts and beaches. Each mode contains 10 levels. New modes can be unlocked by gems, which can be earned as a reward after completing certain levels. Watch videos to get free coins, you can also buy additional gems and coins through in-app purchases. Choose your favorite skin for your beat em up fighting hero and unlock new skins and increase stamina through coins. We offer a free karate fighting game for boys.

Kung Fu boxing games & martial arts training offers easy and smooth controls. Fight against the toughest Kung Fu fighters and their boss to win challenges. The game offers the choice between your liking of hero skin and you can also modify the strengths you need to fight and beat them all. Multiple fights levels and environment modes are available. This beat em up karate fighting game has awesome background music to enhance strength during a beat em up fighting match. Real Kung Fu fighting simulation to experience a fight club action fights, with realistic graphics. Earn free rewards by watching videos. Play through all levels and become a martial arts champion.

Kickboxing Karate Fighting Games: Kung Fu Fight Features:

•tSelect and modify your beat em up fighting hero’s skin and his strengths

•tGet promoted to the next level by defeating all the rivals in the previous level

•tBattle against toughest fighters and become Kung Fu champion

•tMultiple karate fighting levels and environment modes

•tSmooth gameplay with easy controls

•tEarn free rewards after completion of levels and watching rewarded videos

•tBackground music & sound effects will increase your energy in the game

•tAwesome and realistic graphics will increase your beat em up fighting game experience

Beat Em Up Fight 最近更新为 games kickboxing 申请 Fighting Arena, 可用于各种 karate 目的. 其最新版本为 5.5 具有 2219675 下载. 您可以下载 Beat Em Up Fight APK 适用于Android.

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