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Exposure Notifications Settings Feature - MA

Exposure Notifications Settings Feature - MA

  • vminted1100038-v3

Functionality to enable Exposure Notifications

此应用程序允许用户随时在手机设置里启用或禁用MassNotify。手机上有此应用程序并不代表MassNotify已被启用,而且MassNotify也不会自动激活。要想启用MassNotify,用户可以前往设置-> Google -> COVID-19 接触通知。MassNotify是自愿性服务,用户可随时选择参与或退出。用户决定是否启用MassNotify,以及是否通过系统共享信息,以提醒其他可能接触到病毒的人。

MassNotify是马萨诸塞州官方的接触新冠病毒自动通知系统,由苹果 (Apple) 和谷歌 (Google) 公司开发的技术予以支持。同时,本系统也受到马萨诸塞州公共卫生部 (DPH) 的支持。


使用这项服务基于100%自愿的原则,您可以随时选择退出,并且我们的流程也注重保护个人隐私。马萨诸塞州公共卫生部十分重视您的隐私和保密工作。MassNotify不会收集或使用您手机的全球定位系统 (GPS) 或地点信息。






以下是如何使用的简短视频Exposure Notifications Settings Feature - MA settings app.

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  • notifications settings 应用程序 适用于 Android 手机和平板电脑。
  • 最新版本 minted1100038-v3 发布于.
  • 免费下载 exposure-notifications-settings-feature-ma.apk
  • 1.894M+ 安装


  • 需要 12M 在您的设备上。
  • 可能无法在以下规格的设备上运行:Require Android 5.0 and up


Android 5.0
medical, exposure, notifications, settings, feature, massnotify
MA Department of Public Health
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A whole lot of panic about....what? Everyone's freaking out about the silent install.I got a pop up immediately after installation from this asking if I wanted to enable it with checkboxes and explainations. It was all opt in, with the option to opt out later. 0 location data is collected, it is 100% proximity data only. Collected from Bluetooth, specifically the low power features of Bluetooth 5 on most modern phones from what I can tell. So far has used 358kb of mobile/wifi data.
if only people go this lit-angry over unremovable bloatware that we also don't ask for and that drains our batteries and does its things whether we sign up for it or not. instead they're angry that an actually helpful setting that is not even enabled by default, provided to phones that couldn't have had it by default, and is only there as a voluntary opt-in convenience for anyone that is not wearing a tinfoil tuxedo/top hat.
This app allows users to enable or disable MassNotify at any time in their phone’s settings. The presence of this app on the phone does not indicate that MassNotify has been enabled, and MassNotify is not automatically activated. To enable MassNotify, users can go to Settings -> Google -> COVID-19 Exposure Notifications. MassNotify is a voluntary service and users can opt in or out at any time. Users decide whether to enable MassNotify and whether to share information through the system to help
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