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守护者!取下封印!动作革命大型多人在线角色扮演游戏:ZEMIT 上的深渊

ABYSS on ZEMIT 游戏 info

Guardian! Take off the seal!
Action Revolution MMORPG :ABYSS on ZEMIT
● Introducing the game ●
▶ Combined Transformation Guardian System ◀
- Combine with more than 90 kinds of Guardians to sweep the Battlefield.
- Enjoy various Stats through the Guardians of the 5 Attributes of Angel, Demon, Otherworldly, Spirit, and Machine.
- Only normal Buffs are provided to Guardians before combining.
▶ 100 World Boss ◀
- Top-quality Weapon/Equipment crafting materials are dropped from the World Boss of each Channel.
- The World Boss of Channel 1 can only be challenged by the Top 100 Rankers, and special Items can be obtained.
▶ Elite Boss System ◀
- If you join forces with a Guild Member, you can subdue the powerful Elite Boss of the Dungeon.
- the submissive Elite Boss gives Buffs to the Guild Members every day and becomes a reliable Guardian.
▶ Your Own Equipment System ◀
- you can differentiate yourself from others by Combining your own Equipment.
- Equipment is crafted with a 100% chance and will not be destroyed no matter how much you enhance it.
▶ Storm. Skill ◀
- you can experience various Skill Trees for each Class.
- Try to achieve victory with your own strategy by setting successive Skills such as Link, Take, Growth, and Stack to achieve victory with your own strategy.
Official Discord: https://discord.gg/Hw8baD9gQD
Official Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100086214613613


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Abyss On Zemit Gameplay New Play To Earn MMORPG For Android/ios

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Android 6.0
action, games, abyss, zemit, elite, official
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