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Adblock Plus for Samsung Internet

Adblock Plus for Samsung Internet

  • v1.2.1


"Adblock Plus is forcing the ad industry to re-think its core proposition" - MediaPost
"Adblock Browser for iOS and Android makes it easy for non-technical people to reduce the number of mobile web ads they see and protect themselves from known malware sites" - ExtremeTech
"Bless Adblock for trying to keep that advertising from ruining the web" - Gizmodo

From the team behind Adblock Plus, the most popular ad blocker for desktop browsers, Adblock Plus for Samsung Internet allows you to block ads on your Samsung Internet browser and experience clean web browsing as you do on desktop.

NOTE: Samsung Internet 4.0 or above is required to use this app

Ease of use. Adblock Plus for Samsung Internet requires only a simple setup before you’re good to go. Simply install Adblock Plus for Samsung Internet, open Samsung Internet, navigate to “SETTINGS” - “EXTENSIONS” - “CONTENT BLOCKERS” and activate Adblock Plus. Adblock Plus settings can be changed at any time in the Adblock Plus app.

Focusing on privacy, security and user control, Adblock Plus for Samsung Internet offers the following benefits:

Block annoying ads. Block annoying and intrusive ads, such as ads on videos, saving data and battery life in the process. By default, respectful ads that meet the strict criteria of the Acceptable Ads initiative are shown, which helps support great content creators. Want to block all ads? No problem. Easy to use options allow you to control what you see.

Secure browsing. Blocking intrusive ads minimizes the risk of “malvertising” infections. Recommended by Stanford University, UC Santa Barbara and the Electronic Frontier Foundation, Adblock Plus for Samsung Internet can disable known malware domains and makes protecting yourself from malware easy.

Enhanced privacy. With a few simple taps you can disable tracking. Adblock Plus for Samsung Internet lets you browse the web anonymously and stop companies from tracking your online activity.

Added user control. You choose to disable tracking, block all or some ads, add filter lists, whitelist websites and disable social media buttons and anti-ad blocking messages.

By downloading and installing the application, you agree to our Terms of Use. https://adblockplus.org/terms

Please note: An internet connection is required to use this app

Found a bug or want to help? Contact us at support@adblockplus.org

Learn more about Adblock Plus for Samsung Internet at https://adblockplus.org/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/adblockplus
Twitter: https://twitter.com/adblockplus
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/AdblockPlusOfficial
Instagram: https://instagram.com/adblockplus/
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/adblock-plus/



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Adblock Plus for Samsung Internet and google on Android

How To Download Ad Block Plus


  • samsung internet 应用程序 适用于 Android 手机和平板电脑。
  • 最新版本 1.2.1 发布于.
  • 免费下载 adblock-plus-for-samsung-internet.apk
  • 8.390M+ 安装


  • 需要 2.8M 在您的设备上。
  • 可能无法在以下规格的设备上运行:Require Android 5.0 and up


Android 5.0
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You have no idea how i longed to have this happened in my browsing experience. Im greatful with the other browsers out there that can block ads but the way they look and UI annoy me alot. I love my samsung browser. I was thinking like lf only it could block ads too. Then my persuation and research brought me here. Like i found what i was looking for. Thank you! Now everything has become smooth an easy for me!!!
The adblock web browser app never worked on my phone. This does. Even better it's the way adblock should be, an extension to the internet browser you already have that simply blocks the ads within it. Not entirely different web browser.
The app is working well. But it's storing too much cache ( well above 3GB of wasted storage in 2 weeks ) so I have to reinstall it every once a while otherwise it'll eat up my storage. Please fix this ! EDIT : all good now .. thx :)
Works great! I tried a couple add blockers and most others missed the adds I wanted to block. I use this extension on my MacBook as well as on my phone. It's really worth while.
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