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Premom Ovulation Tracker

Premom Ovulation Tracker

  • v1.13.11


Trying to conceive? Get pregnant with Premom, the accurate and simple ovulation tracker, period calendar (period calculator), and fertility companion.

Premom is the only fertility tracker and ovulation app that offers a money-back guarantee to help women who are trying to conceive (TTC) make their baby dreams come true. Get pregnant within 9 cycles with the Premom app or we will refund all of your easy@Home/Premom branded ovulation & pregnancy tests and basal thermometer purchases.

Our menstrual cycle tracker is the most accurate and reliable period tracker, ovulation calculator, and fertility calendar. Premom’s ovulation tracker prioritizes the most effective predictor - ovulation test results (OPK).

View your menstrual cycle, period diary, symptoms, cervical mucus, ovulation test results, and BBT in one neat fertility chart. Premom is powered by data-driven analyses and the best-selling easy@Home ovulation and pregnancy tests and is trusted by thousands of women trying to conceive.

Ovulation Tracker and Fertility app features:

Ovulation Tracker, Ovulation Calculator & Pregnancy Test Result Digital Reader

+ Ovulation Test Reader: scan ovulation tests and get your LH level to predict ovulation day

+ Log ovulation test results and receive low, high, or peak fertility

+ Ovulation Calculator: Know your peak fertility window 5 days sooner

+ Basal Body Temperature (BBT) Tracker: Sync the easy@Home smart basal thermometer to automatically record and chart your BBT in one fertility chart

+ Track your period and upload results from ovulation, pregnancy, and progesterone tests (PDG)

+ Ovulation & Fertility Calendar: see your fertile window, ovulation, period, sex, and LH peak

Period Diary, Calculator & Log

+ Period & Menstrual Cycle Tracker: cycle tracker, log period, moods and symptoms, medications, ovulation day and cervical mucus (CM)

+ Period Tracker & Calculator: log your menstrual cycle, track flow and spotting, and predict your period with all other ovulation signs

+ Daily Logs: keep track of sexual intercourse, moods, cervical mucus, ovulation symptoms, and medications

Ovulation & Fertility Tracker & Menstrual Calendar

+ Fertility tracker with a unique algorithm powered by multiple ovulation calculation methods

+ TTC Community: closed “Get Pregnant Fast with Premom” Facebook Group with Trying to Conceive tips, stories, and advice from thousands of women

+ Personalized cycle tracking insights on how to get pregnant and virtual fertility consultation

+ BBT, ovulation tests, ovulation day, and fertile window graphs

+ Ovulation cycle progression visualized to help women trying to conceive or trying to avoid pregnancy

+ Support team dedicated to Premom women

+ Automated BBT chart, BBT spike, and coverline – no manual entry!

+ Set reminders for medication, ovulation, contraception, and period tracking

+ Export ovulation and fertility data to share with doctors, friends and family

Pregnancy app & Due Date Calculator (Pregnancy Calculator)

+ Pregnancy Tracker: baby growth tracker week by week

+ Pregnancy Calendar and daily log to track baby development

+ Read articles on pregnancy every week and see your track your baby

9-Cycle Money-Back Guarantee

Get pregnant with personalized fertility guidance from our money-back guarantee program.

+Track your period to get cycle insights on your cycle length, LH pattern, and peak fertility days.

+After trying to conceive for 6 cycles, receive a free virtual consultation with an expert fertility specialist.

Download Premom Ovulation app and increase your odds of getting pregnant. Premom is the #1 choice of trying to conceive (TTC) women by offering leading fertility, ovulation and period solutions.

PREMOM SUPPORT – Questions about your period, ovulation calendar, or cycle tracking we're here to help. Please email us: support@premom.com



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Top 10 Ovulation Tracker Android App | Review

easy@Home Ovulation Test for TTC paired with Ovulation Calendar App Premom!


  • ovulation tracker 应用程序 适用于 Android 手机和平板电脑。
  • 最新版本 1.13.11 发布于.
  • 免费下载 premom-ovulation-tracker.apk
  • 1.209M+ 安装


  • 需要 102M 在您的设备上。
  • 可能无法在以下规格的设备上运行:Require Android 5.0 and up


Android 5.0
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If you are TTC I highly recommend this app. I purchased the ovulation kit on Amazon a few months ago and began tracking almost immediately. While this app cannot make you conceive, it helps with tracking ovulation very well. I am now nearly 12 weeks pregnant and now it helps me track my symptoms and even gives me growth updates on the baby based on the week. To put it in perspective, I tried before I purchased this kit, but was successful almost immediately after purchasing it It's accurate
I love this app! It has helped me pinpoint my ovulation. I love the fact that you can take pictures of your test and it saves it in the app. I also love that it tells you what your lh levels possibly are after you take a picture of the test. I always would struggle reading the cheap tests and figuring out if it was positive or not. Now thanks to Premom all the guess work is taken away. Thank you Premom for all of your hard work on this app.
I love the product! This app have its product in Amazon Prime! I am coming off depo shot and used this app in attempt to conceive. My period started and it isn't regular yet this app allowed me to enter my weird period dates in. ADAPTS TO ME. so personalized. I love it. I am so happy with the product and the app. Compared to basic ovulation apps. This gives you Charts. Real pictures videos timers of all your woman data. Amazing 👏
I love this app! I bought the digital thermometer because I got tired on trying to read my cheap Target BBT at 5am. The app paired with the thermometer make temping super easy. Plus, I love the app's test strip tracking with photos - much easier than taping strips to a piece of paper! It even quantifies test strips by giving you a ratio of the intensity of the lines. This is everything I could want in a fertility-tracking app!!
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