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Private Browser Care

Secure your private browsing using private browser care app. You can hide you history and safe internet browsing without hassles!

Private Browser Care Safe internet browsing without hassles! Private Browser Care is an amazing browser designed for Android Smartphones and Tablets that guarantees the user one thing he/she most desires and that is Privacy. Besides that, Private Browser Care is free to use, convenient and ensures fast surfing. Now you can finally browse on the internet without being tracked by anyone. Private Browser Care assures its users that it does not save any sort of details like browsing history, cookies & cache or any other information filled online. This way no third-party agencies can track your surfing habits and provide recommendations based on your clicks and visits. Note: Remember, your browsing activity is never hidden from your Internet Service Provider, your Network Administrator in School or Office and of course, from the websites you visit. But other than that no person with malicious intent or marketing agency can get any information about you as no data is saved. Some of the astonishing features of Private Browser Care are: Browse with Privacy. As the name suggests, Private Browser Care was designed to ensure that users can browse with a free mind, without worrying that someone is tracking their clicks and websites visited. It also assures the users that no surfing data is saved in the users mobile or onto any server which means that the browsing data cannot be shared or sold to anyone as it was not stored in the first place. Browse with Speed. One of the most important features of Private Browser Care is that it allows the users to surf the internet in a quick and responsive manner. The browser is designed to be light weight and does not have any add-ons or extensions that slow down the browsing speed. You can enjoy a lightning speed browsing without any hassles and annoyances. This app also reduces the time to load a page and increase in speed also indirectly results in saving battery power and internet data Browse with Different Modes. Private Browser Care has a unique feature that enables the user to switch between the mobile and desktop version of the website with just a single tap. This is a pretty useful feature which is absent in many browsers but can be availed here by just selecting the alternate mode of the website displayed in the tab. Browse with Special Features. Private Browser Care has tons of other features apart from being free and providing privacy, speed and different modes of browsing. Being a mini browser, the download size of the Private Browser Care is only 4 MB and consumes minimal of your smartphones memory resources. It allows the users to open as many new tabs as required. Private Browser Care not only facilitates fast browsing but also faster downloads. It also blocks any sort of web trackers and has no options to receive or store any data from users computer. Finally, Private Browser Care does not allow trackers which results in less consumption of internet data and of course, loading web pages quicker that other browsers. How Does Private Browser Care Work? Private Browser Care is one of the easiest app to use and requires a couple to steps to browse securely without having to clear any browsing history ever. Step 1: Once installed, tap on the shortcut icon to launch the Private Browser Care. Step 2: Enter the website link on the top address bar and surf freely Note: You can click on the three dots on the upper right corner to open a new tab or switch between desktop or mobile version of the website. Once you exit the application, all the browsing data like cookies, cache, passwords, history and anything else related to surfing is deleted and wiped out as it never existed. Did you like Private Browser Care? You can always rate this application after you use it. Download it today and browse freely.

Private Browser Care 最近更新为 private browsing 申请 Systweak Software, 可用于各种 目的. 其最新版本为 1.10 具有 0 下载. 您可以下载 Private Browser Care APK 适用于Android.

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作者 Systweak Software
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