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RealmCraft 3D Mine Block World

RealmCraft 3D Mine Block World

  • v5.4.6

方块创造沙盒世界: 工艺,生存. Survive & Build Block World. Exploration Lite & Cube Craft Game

RealmCraft 3D Mine Block World 游戏 info

欢迎来到 RealmCraft 免费积木建筑和生存游戏。

RealmCraft 游戏的特点
~ 迷人的开放方块世界,一切都由 3D 立方体组成。

〜创造世界 米米迷你世界。破坏块和立方体,收集块,构建块,随心所欲地移动它们并创建自己的立方体世界;

〜块制作。 RealmCraft makecraft 游戏为您提供 100 多种类型的积木,可用于构建和创建有用的物品;

〜制作模式 迷你世界3。免费的块挖掘游戏可让您和您的朋友制作、生存、挖掘和建造!

〜各种游戏模式 - 生存模式和创造模式(制作和建造模式, 我的世界大闹天宫),世界,迷你游戏(多工艺模式);

~ Realmcraft 是一款用于建造、制作和耕作的迷你工艺游戏模拟器。生成鸡蛋以了解所有独特的生物,学习如何驯服狼、豹猫和马,开始种植植物并建立自己的街区农场!

~ 多人游戏和 4 个小游戏 奶块世界!结识其他建造游戏的粉丝,与他们聊天,共同建造,并分享游戏的生活技巧和秘密。

~ 世界探索 我的世界。在这个带有彩色立方体图形的方块世界洛基工艺冒险中,许多精简的生物群落等待着您:从森林和平原到沙漠和针叶林。在这个疯狂的工艺的每个生物群落中,您都会受到独特的动植物的欢迎。
~ 创造世界-迷你版沙盒

Welcome to

RealmCraft Free Block Building and Survival Game

Explore cube worlds, fight with aggressive mobs, destroy caves and build.

Get ready for real Adventures! Because, Realmcraft is the universe of infinity blocky worlds. Tthe game has endless open 3D cubic worlds and is know as one of the best block building simulator of last 5 years!

Features of Realm Craft Game

~ Fascinating

open block world

in which everything consists of 3D cubes.


Worlds creating

. Destroy blocks and cubes, collect blocks, build blocks, move them as you like and create your own cube world;
Cut wood, break stones, mine blocks and create out of them building and worlds of your dreams!


Blocks crafting

. Realm Craft game offers you 100+ types of blocks that can be used to build and create useful items;


Crafting mode

. Free blocks mining game allows you and your friends craft, survive, mine and build!


Various game modes

- SURVIVAL MODE and CREATIVE MODE (crafting and building mode), WORLDS, MINI-GAMES (multicraft mode);

~ Realmcraft is a 3D pixel mini craft game-simulator for building, crafting and farming. Spawn eggs to get to know all the unique mobs, learn how to tame a wolf, ocelot and horse, start growing plants and set up your very own block farm!


Multiplayer and 4 mini games!

Meet other fans of building games, chat with them, do joint construction, and share life hacks and secrets of the game.


World exploration

. In this blocks world loki craft adventure with colorful cubic graphics, many lite biomes await you: from forests and plains to deserts and taiga. In each biome, you will be greeted by unique flora and fauna.

Survival mode

Mine, build, collect resources and plants, beat enemies and go hunting to survive in survival mode (single player).
Master the secrets of surviving and go from simple wooden armor to strong diamond armor!
Use enchantments to increase your damage and defense! Let the evil mobs regret meeting you!

Creative mode

Enjoy unlimited creativity, immortality and flying in creative mode. Start your block city building! Build your dream houses from cubes, or copy real-life landmarks and houses from TV shows. Also here you can become a real engineer, creating complex mechanisms from electrum. Most importantly, remember that there are no restrictions in the open cube world of Realmcraft, lite craft so let your imagination run wild!

Worlds and mini games

Realmcraft has a multiplayer mode called Worlds: there are a lot of huge and miniworld. Make friends with real players from all over the world and build together! Show other players the buildings you create and give tips on crafting, surviving and building. RealmCraft game has a private chat in which you can communicate only with your friend!

If you like creative & survival block building games then the free Realm craft sandbox is exactly what you are looking for!


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