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Safe Family

Safe Family

  • v2.9.2.10840


McAfee Safe Family 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 provides parents with the visibility and simple controls needed to improve web, app & digital safety for children. We encourage positive parent-child interactions and help establish trust and peace of mind in an ever-mobile, ever-social, ever-changing world.

McAfee Safe Family is a comprehensive parental control app that enables you to monitor your kids’ phone activities and protects your children from exposure to inappropriate digital content. It sets up a child lock that blocks inappropriate apps 🚫, monitors your kids’ cell phones 🔍, locates their position with a GPS map 🌎 using the phone tracker feature and limits their screen time ⏰ .

Download McAfee Safe Family now to view reports 📋 about your kids’ device usage and allows parents to block social media apps 📵 to avoid any potential cyber-bullying or trolling. Instantly block apps you consider inappropriate, monitor your kids’ phone activities, enable a child lock 🔒 and limit screen time with a bedtime curfew ⏱. Choose to allow extra app time or provide access a blocked app plus know where your children are at all times through their connected devices with the Family Locator 👬.
✔️tView history about app usage activity, location details and system alert history
✔️tApp Blocker by category keeps your children from accessing apps in specific categories
✔️tApp Blocker by specific Android apps allows you to block individual apps on your kid’s Android device
✔️tSet a daily time limit for apps to help manage the amount of screen time your child spends with specific applications
✔️tTrack a cell phone and see your kids on a live map so that you know where they are in real time - from breakfast to bedtime
✔️tUse geofences to receive an automatic alert when your child has arrived or left a known place (e.g. school, park, or library) with the GPS location tracking feature so you’ll know where they are
✔️tLimit screen time to prevent your kids from using their devices early in the morning or set a bedtime curfew and limit accessibility late at night
✔️tUse this function to promote good mental health and limit the negative impacts of artificial bluelight, which has been linked with insomnia
✔️tPause internet usage when you want to, give your kids a 1-click digital time-out when they will be unable to access the Internet or use a majority of their apps until the time-out has been removed
✔️tEnjoy a device free dinnertime by putting your children on time-out while eating dinner and spending time with the family
✔️tUninstall protection prevents kids from uninstalling Safe Family from their Android devices and PCs

Download McAfee Safe Family 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 now for the peace of mind that your family will stay safer and more secure, online and on their phone.

30-DAY RISK FREE TRIAL – offers the full McAfee Safe Family experience for free. McAfee Safe Family supports an unlimited number of your kids’ devices, whether it is a smart phone, tablet, laptop or PC. You have the option at the end of the 30-day free trial period to sign up for an auto-renewing monthly or yearly subscription.

Note: McAfee Safe Family uses the Device Administrator permission to alert you when your kids try uninstalling the app from their devices.

Note: This app uses Accessibility services.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/McAfee/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mcafee/?hl=en
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cCCxjWnz-Zs
Twitter: https://twitter.com/mcafee_family

Give us feedback on Safe Family at: https://community.mcafee.com/community/home/parental_controls/safe-family

Please visit our website http://family.mcafee.com/ to learn more about us!

View our privacy policy at https://www.mcafee.com/consumer/en-us/policy/global/legal.html



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Safe Family - Modern Parental Controls


  • family screen 应用程序 适用于 Android 手机和平板电脑。
  • 最新版本 发布于.
  • 免费下载 safe-family.apk
  • 3.066M+ 安装


  • 需要 18M 在您的设备上。
  • 可能无法在以下规格的设备上运行:Require Android 4.4 and up


Android 4.4
productivity, safe, family, screen, time, parental
McAfee LLC
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Good app but for some reason my kid's web activity does not populate on my phone. Everything else works. Is this a settings issue? Please assist. UPDATE: I found that all it needed was to restart my child's phone to ensure restrictions and settings take effect. This should be done when you make significant changes to the settings and restrictions. Works great now. 5 Stars. Awesome App! By the way, is there a setting to send screenshots of my kids phone?
Ok for monitoring some activity but no options to limit screen time as mentioned in the description After contacting support I found that in the rules section on parent device you have to confirm kids age then in rules the screen time option will appear.
Very Nice App. It would be great if you can give user a 'Tour' option on the same page where you are asking to signin or create account. Tour option will help user to understand about the app and its features before he create account or signin.
Fantastic app. Would highly recommend. I control it from my Android Phone. Great for blocking sites/apps, setting for age groups and also pausing control works really well when you want the kids off their Android and iOS tablets, phones etc
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