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freeing REST

Diese App verwandelt Ihr Handy in ein Wellness-Gerät, mit dem Sie REST zum Entspannen finden

NOW you can always have help at hand using this revolutionary Photon Technology on your mobile phone that can create REST and even help induce sleep. Just feel it!

This app runs for 30 minutes to help you slow down and relax. This time also enables it to be used for meditation or if needed to help with sleep.

These apps revolutionise how we can gain safe and immediate help. They are designed around the one thing we usually have with us, which is our mobile phone. There may be no need to carry anything else!

There are 3 easy steps. 1 Put your phone on airplane mode and press the start button. 2 Lay your phone screen side down on your forearm while the session runs. 3 Wait to feel the vibration that signals the end of the session.

Each session is completely silent and can be used three, four or more times consecutively if a deeper response is needed. All you can see is a white screen with a counter that reveals how much longer the session has to run, so you can never be confused.

These apps work by you, as a source, 'entangling' (in a photon sense) with another source that gives you a powerful message that creates wellness. The apps simple enable this entanglement, as the other source can not be found within it. It has taken many years of understanding to build an app that can do this.

This groundbreaking PHOTON TECHNOLOGY does not use radionic, TMS, TENS or electrical frequencies. Driven by YOUR natural communication through the photons you emit, you decide what you need, and if the light of the other source will help you. These UNIQUE apps push the boundaries of creating wellness into the quantum realm.

freeingMe apps cannot override your body’s natural decision-making or force it to do anything it doesn’t want to. This makes them totally safe as they utilise your natural wish to gain balance and feel better. These are wellness apps rather than medical, and should not be used to treat any medical condition. They are, however, an extraordinary step towards the future of natural, non-toxic wellness for both mind and body.

The apps are designed to work on airplane mode, so that EMF radiation is lowered to a minimum.

Why not try for FREE?

freeing REST wurde kürzlich aktualisiert fitness freeing bewerbung durch Freeingme Ltd, das für verschiedene verwendet werden kann rest zwecke. Seine neueste version 1.3 hat 1 downloads. Sie können herunterladen freeing REST APK für Android jetzt.

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Name freeing REST
Über Diese App verwandelt Ihr Handy in ein Wellness-Gerät, mit dem Sie REST zum Entspannen finden
Bewertung 5.00 / 5 of 1 votes
Anforderungen Require Android 4.0 and up
Sprache English
Lizenz Frei
Kategorien health, fitness, freeing, rest, photon, natural
Größe 4.6M
Version 1.3
Autor Freeingme Ltd
Downloads 1


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