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Assamese PaniniKeypad IME


Fast & Easy typing! PaniniKeypad allows users to type in Assamese/ohomiya directly on phone with single keypress (No multitap).


About Assamese PaniniKeypad IME

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When was Assamese PaniniKeypad IME released? Luna Ergonomics created Assamese PaniniKeypad IME and posted it to Android Freeware on Sep 25, 2013. It is available as free app in its latest version 2.16.

What is Assamese PaniniKeypad IME? Assamese PaniniKeypad IME is among the Panini apps on our site. It is one of the best panini, assamese, typing, keyboard, software, app, free, download, font, virtual, unicode, tool, input, sms, game, utility, productivity, top application which you may download.

What is Assamese PaniniKeypad IME used for? Luna Ergonomics has made this app available to satisfy the demand for quality panini software. Fast & Easy typing! PaniniKeypad allows users to type in Assamese/ohomiya directly on phone with single keypress (No multitap).

Is Assamese PaniniKeypad IME worth it? With no ratings yet it is among the best panini apps. High number of users mark this app as favorite. Please leave a review or rate it so others can know your likes and dislikes.

Who made Assamese PaniniKeypad IME? Luna Ergonomics made this awesome panini android app. Assamese PaniniKeypad IME is one of the top Luna Ergonomics apps.

What does Assamese PaniniKeypad IME require to run? The app requires Android OS 4.4+ to run.

Is Assamese PaniniKeypad IME free on Android? Yes! It is completely free.

Is Assamese PaniniKeypad IME safe? APK uploaded to our mirror is v2.16. It is scanned for malware and virus free. You can download Assamese PaniniKeypad IME apk file safe and secure or go to Google Play.

How many downloads does Assamese PaniniKeypad IME have? We have counted total 16814 downloads by our users over time. How to download Assamese PaniniKeypad IME for Android? Perform download from your android device browser or with file manager application.

How to install Assamese PaniniKeypad IME? Some users may experience the situation of not starting the installation. Android restricts that by default. Enable Unknown Sources in Android Settings to bypass it. The app can be installed on external storage.

Is Assamese PaniniKeypad IME available for PC? How to download Assamese PaniniKeypad IME for iPhone? You can download Assamese PaniniKeypad IME APK to your device. You will need android emulator in order to install it on Mac or Windows computer, or iOS device. It can run on every popular android emulator.

How to hack Assamese PaniniKeypad IME? You can find apps to hack Assamese PaniniKeypad IME, mod it, or download apk. Amazing tips, tricks and cheats may be available too.

Download it and enjoy great panini software. Check out similar panini apps or applications from Luna Ergonomics.

Description by Luna Ergonomics

This is a Input Method Editor (IME) and can be used in all applications on your phone by selecting it. You can type in Assamese (অসমীয়া) on your phone and tablets. Follow settings below to launch IME.

Must watch youtube video (LINK BELOW) to learn how to type lots of difficult words, ja fala, khandatta, all juktakkhar etc etc.

Follow the launch process of IME:

1. Download and install this application on phone.

2. Go to "Setting"->"Locale & text"/ Language & input-> Select PaniniKeypad IME(check on).

3. Then select "Input method"/ Default keyboard as PaniniKeypad IME.

4. Back to text compose area, keypad will appear automatically.

5. Experience Fast & Easy Assamese typing on phone.

Panini Keypad allows one to type in Assamese and all other Indian languages on the phone with single keypresses (instead of multitaps) very fast and very conveniently by predicting characters that you are most likely to write next. This is a new Predictive text based on linguistics and offers many advantages. Try it!

Two rules

1. Look for the character, press it.

2. If character not there, press Next List button.

For Juktakshars/যুক্তাক্ষর (adha ka etc, consonant clusters) please put a Ref [ ্] in the middle of the two consonants. The Juktakshar will automatically form. The Ref [ ্] is also a character, predicted automatically like others and shown in RED for your easy recognition.


সুর্য = স + ু + র + ্ + য

প্ৰাচুৰ্য = প + ্ + ৰ + া + চ + ু + ৰ + ্ + য

Note that was a yuktakshar, so you put a ref in between.

সামৰ্থ্য = স + া + ম + ৰ + ্ + থ + ্ + য

ব্যাপার = ব + ্ + য + া + প + া +র

A ja fala is a yuktakshar too.

পরিক্ষা = প + র + ি + ক + ্ + ষ + া

A typical yuktakshar usage.

আনন্দ = আ + ন + ন + ্ + দ

অন্তৰীক্ষ = অ+ন+্+ত+ৰ+ী+ক+্+ষ

ভয়ঙ্কর = ভ + য় + ঙ + ্ + ক + র

A ja fala is a yuktakshar too.

ভাষ্কর্য = ভ + া + ষ + ্ + ক + র + ্ + য

এন্ধাৰে = এ + ন + ্ + ধ + া + ৰ + ে

প্রেরণা = প + ্ + র + ে + র + ণ + া

Note that the matra (a dependent vowel is always entered after the consonant even though it may be actually occuring before in form).

You can input the English in between the Assamese/অসমীয়া by switching to ABC mode or you can include English/Assamese Numerals, Symbols and Smilies between the words by pressing the 123 button.

In this latest (PaniniKeypad Assamese IME), there is no need to change the input method for writing English/Assamese.

By using Panini Key pad you can write Assamese sms in Assamese font, sandesh, shayari, blogs, update status on facebook, twitter, save contacts, jokes, lyrics, search on google in regional indian language etc. all you can do in your own language.

There is no need to switch the IME for different languages, just stay with PaniniKeypad and enjoy the typing in English/Assamese.


Requirements Android OS 4.4+
Size 1.4 Mb
Downloads 16814

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