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Key features of Be My Eyes

  • See the world together, Enables blind to receive live assistance from sighted volunteers.
  • Updated on Jan 13, 2021
  • Be My Eyes APK is available for free download

Android Freeware's review

How to help visually impaired and blind people in everyday tasks? At last an application can make a difference for blind or visually impaired people.

Hans Jørgen Wiberg, Danish furniture craftsman who started losing his vision when he was 25, developer the idea behind it. He wished for a tool that lets people lend their eyes to a blind person in need. This way the everyday life of blind people can become much easier. The app works by setting a live video connection between people in need and volunteers ready to assist.

"It is flexible, takes only a few minutes to help and the app is therefore a good opportunity for the busy, modern individual with the energy to help others." Wiberg said about it.

Do small acts of kindness to visually impaired

Do small acts of kindness to visually impaired

Be My Eyes is awesome app that lets you hop on board and do small acts of kindness everyday. It works by connecting blind or visually impaired users to a sighted volunteer who can help them. When the first respondent is ready to assist a live audio-video connection will be set up between the two parts. The the sighted helper can help the other side with doing various tasks. Both parts engage in communication in which the video connection is essential.

this is a brilliant idea for an app! I think it is important that it is simple and straightforward so there is no confusions in the main objective is solely for helping somebody else, as opposed to apps that would bribe you with reward. excellent job on this app

- Sol Skye

Be My Eyes features

  • A guide for blind and low-vision users
  • Live audio-video calls
  • Speak in your own language
  • Assist people in need

Give Blind people the option to see

Give Blind people the option to see

The main goal of this app is to let blind see things. Current technology lets us do that with the help of smartphone and their video cameras. Every task that require normal vision can be done by visually impaired now. The helper lend his eyes, and is responsible to see and describe what the blind person is showing. By doing this in cooperative way the blind can greatly benefit and solve problems that are impossible to overcome by themselves.

this is a brilliant idea for an app! I think it is important that it is simple and straightforward so there is no confusions in the main objective is solely for helping somebody else, as opposed to apps that would bribe you with reward. excellent job on this app.

- Sol Skye

Get help from sighted volunteer

If you are visually impaired the app connects you with a sighted volunteer who will help you with tasks that require visual assistance. This way a sighted person can give you assistance through a live video call. For example you can ask him to see products expiration date for you, make sure your clothes match or get a cooking advice.

10 ways that Be My Eyes can be used for

  1. Finding items you've lost or dropped
  2. Get descriptions of pictures, paintings or other pieces of artwork.
  3. Match colors of your clothes.
  4. Get help with reading labels on household products.
  5. Read information from computer screens if no accessibility options are available.
  6. Shopping.
  7. Identifying the expiration date of products.
  8. Get to know new environments.
  9. Distinguishing between various items.
  10. Finding out public transportation routes.

Help blind people see again

Help blind people see again

How do I volunteer for Be My Eyes? When you start the app you've to choose if you are sighted or a blind user. As a sighted used you lend your eyes to the blind and visually impaired. Join a network of volunteers and make a big difference in the everyday lives of people with sight loss all over the world. Create account and start receiving requests for help. All you've to do is answer the call, have a conversation with the other side and give help.

How can we help blind person?

Make sure that you've asked yourself this question before start using the app as assistant. Here are some points I want to present that may help both of you have pleasant and productive communication:

  • Don't assume that the person who is asking for your assistance is helpless.
  • Try to communicate clearly.
  • Do not laugh or do stupid things.
  • Make sure your are on the point.
  • Avoid the use of common phrases like look, see or see you later.

How to get assistance

The process of getting assistance is straightforward and requests can be done very easily. Open the app and touch the middle of the screen. This way you send request to all available volunteers and help you. The first one who responds is connected to you and you can start the conversation. Then you can explain him what you need assistance for he can help you. Most calls are answered within 60 seconds so don't rush it.

Dr. Matthew Scroggins - Absolutely wonderful, caring volunteers that are friendly and helpful. I am legally blind and recommend this program. A special thanks to Be My Eyes and the volunteers. I am forever grateful.

3 reasons to start using Be My Eyes

  1. Help visually impaired or blind people in everyday tasks.
  2. Get or give help in native language.
  3. Make a difference by lending your eyes.

How to download Be My Eyes and register

The app is available for free download. You can also download it for iOS devices. Here is the description of how to use it in 5 steps:

  1. Select your user type - You've to choose if you are sighted volunteer or blind/low-vision.
  2. Sign up with Facebook, Google or email
  3. Confirm account if registered with email address
  4. Select your primary language - This way you will be connected to person who speaks your primary language.
  5. Allow access to Microphone, Camera and Notifications - Stay up to date with the community and be notified of incoming calls.

You are now ready to make your first call.

Protect your privacy and personal information

Be sure to protect personal information and data from at all times. The developers can't guarantee that only good willing people will use the app. To avoid dangerous situations take these simple precautions:

  • Do not display your passport, driver’s license or other ID cards
  • Do not share your credit card, bank/checking account, insurance or other financial information
  • Do not let people view mail or your personal address
  • Do not share government identification numbers or social security number
  • Do not health related conditions or medicine information
  • Do not jokes or bully the other side
  • Do not share unlawful, hateful or sexual content

Inspirational community stories

The app also has a space dedicated to community stories that may inspire you. Compelling stories, in-depth interviews and more are added weekly in the Stories section. Some efforts of community members are shared in order to inspire others to help people in need.

Overall impressions

The idea behind this app is awesome and very special. It connects people with disabilities to one that can help them. This is done be small act of kindness served through your smartphone. The app goal is to let people who are blind or have a low level of vision access world in new way. This is real now thanks to the dedication of app's users community. You can learn more about it at Be My Eyes' website and follow Be My Eyes on Twitter for latest updates. At last but not least important is that you can use Be My Eyes for free.

Helping people who are blind or visually impaired

Hans Wiberg (check out AmA on Reddit) has done amazing job with this app. Apart from using it you can learn some tips for helping blind and people with low vision in real life. They can be very useful and spare you from participating in inconvenient situations. The three main rules are Approach, Ask and Assist. They a solid foundation for everything related to assisting visually impaired people.

  • Greet him or her and identify yourself.
  • Ask the person does it need some help
  • If assistance is wanted, act.
  • If you know their name address them by name.
  • Let them know if you enter the same room.
  • Do not walk away without indication.
  • Let them take your arm if requested.
  • Do not move furniture or objects without telling the blind person.
  • Fill their cups or glasses to the two thirds.
  • Use more describing language.
  • Describe the surroundings if you are helping a blind man when exploring new place.
  • Try to fully close windows and doors.
  • As them what they need from time to time.

Customer support for blind and low-vision people

As mentioned above Be My Eyes is free app, but it has to monetize in some way. Its idea is to do that by improving customer support for people who are vision disabilities. They have a business solution called Specialized Help, which is way to connect with blind and low-vision customers and provide support to them. This is amazing approach to how companies may interact with disabled person and let them use the full potential of offered service.

How Be My Eyes Specialized Help works

Even with the latest technologies a lot of services are inaccessible for the 253M visually impaired people over there. The purpose of this business solution is personalized assistance. This mean that you can have customer support agent resolve issues via video call. It is very convenient way to solve problems of low-vision and blind people since they don't have to explain things they can't see. By doing this companies can improve:

  • Customer support and retention
  • Receive valuable feedback from customers
  • Reach more customers
  • Improve Corporate social responsibility
  • Strengthen brand image

It's my hope that by helping each other as an online community, Be My Eyes will make a big difference in the everyday lives of blind people all over the world.

- Hans Jørgen Wiberg

Lend your eyes to a blind person in need through a live video connection or be assisted by the network of sighted users . As soon as the first sighted user accepts the request for help, a live audio-video connection will be set up between the two parts.

Be My Eyes is recently updated accessibility lifestyle application by Be My Eyes, that can be used for various personal purposes. Its latest version 1.4.5 has 2180105 downloads. You can download Be My Eyes latest APK for Android right now.


License Free
Requirements Require Android 5.0 and up
Language English
Categories blind, accessibility, lifestyle, personal, help, volunteer
Size 29M
Version 1.4.5
Audience Everyone
Publish Date
Author Be My Eyes
Downloads 2180105
Download options APK
User Rating 4.58 / 5


  • If you believe that making the world a better place is good, please do, in any way you can. This app helps to do so. You can do something as simple as helping a nearsighted or blind friend put laundry soap instead of fabric softener in a washer. Or choose the correct medication or music playlist. It essentially shows the helper live video asking for help with a task; Which button on the remote is Input? Is this is blue or green? Is this a cigarette lighter or a flash drive? bemyeyes is good. please support it.

  • God bless the initiators of this platform where people can volunteer to make the world better for others. Its a good thing we should appreciate Allah and care about others. The prophet Muhammad(pbuh) is narrated to have said "whoever rallies others for a good deed will get a similar reward thereof" And there are deeds we engage in that count for us even when we are dead. May Allah reward whoever is behind this initiative abundantly. Amin.

  • Excellent concept and excellent execution. However I have only used this \n' + 'application once but the way I was assisted by the volunteer was quite \n' + 'overwhelming. Congratulations for the creation and brilliant execution of \n' + 'this application

  • Being partially sighted myself, I am still able, thank God, to volunteer and help the blind. It's such a rewarding experience! God forbid that I, myself, may need this one day but knowing it's available to me, eases my mind.

  • A real feel good app, I love being able to help others. Have used this a few times now as someones eyes. The users are always polite and friendly. I get excited when the app starts ringing.

  • Its a good idea to help people around the world, but i received call twice and every time the app stops responding and force closed. Please check the bug. Oneplus 5 android 8.1

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