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Contra - Hard Corps Mod


Save the planet from cyborg invaders. Become a hero of his generation

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What is Contra - Hard Corps Mod?

Contra - Hard Corps Mod ranks among the best Contra apps on our site. It is one of the top contra, game, action, shooter applications which you may download.

When was it released? It was listed on Android Freeware on Jul 28, 2015. It is available as free app in its latest version 1.00.

What is Contra - Hard Corps Mod used for? This app is available to satisfy the demand for quality contra software.

How Contra - Hard Corps Mod works? It works like most of the contra applications available. It packs neat graphics on top of user-friendly interface. Save the planet from cyborg invaders. Become a hero of his generation

Is it worth it? With no ratings yet it is among the best performing contra. High number of users mark this app as favorite. Please leave a review or rate it so others can know your likes and dislikes.

Who made Contra - Hard Corps Mod? Agulchan Bros made this awesome contra android app.

What does the app require to run? The app requires Android OS to run.

Is Contra - Hard Corps Mod free on Android? Yes! It is completely free.

Is this software safe? APK uploaded to our mirror is v1.00. It is scanned for malware and virus free. You can download Contra - Hard Corps Mod apk file safe and secure or go to Google Play.

How many downloads does it have? We have counted total 1008 downloads by our users over time. How to download Contra - Hard Corps Mod for Android? Perform download from your android device browser or with file manager application.

How to install? Some users may experience the situation of not starting the installation. Android restricts that by default. Enable Unknown Sources in Android Settings to bypass it. The app can be installed on external storage.

Is Contra - Hard Corps Mod available for PC? Can I download Contra - Hard Corps Mod on iPhone? You can download APK to your device. You will need android emulator in order to install it on Mac or Windows computer. On iOS device the situations is a little different. You need to jailbreak your iPhone or iPad in order to install android emulator. It can run on every popular android emulator.

How to hack Contra - Hard Corps Mod? You can find apps to hack it, mod it, or download modded apk. Amazing tips, tricks and cheats may be available too.

Download it and enjoy great contra software. Check out similar contra apps.

Description by Agulchan Bros

As usual, the objective of the game to reach the end of each stage, shoot at every enemy that gets in the way, and fight the boss awaiting at the end. While most of the game have the character walking on foot, certain stages have the player riding a Motoroid, a hoverbike that can transform into an ostrich-like robot. Unlike previous Contra games, which featured overhead segments in addition to the regular side-view stages, all the stages in Hard Corps retains the standard side-view perspective for most of the game. Another difference is the player can now choose between one of four unique player characters. Like in previous Contra games, up to two players can play simultaneously, but they're not allowed to choose the same character.
The controls are similar to Contra III, but have been adapted to work with the Genesis's standard three-button controller, as well as the six-button controller. The three main buttons (A, B, and C) are used for switching between weapons, shooting, and jumping respectively in the default control configuration. By pressing the weapon change button while shooting (or the X, Y, or Z buttons on the six-button controller), the player can toggle between two shooting styles: one which allows for free movement while shooting, and another which keeps the character still while he or she aims in one of eight directions. The player can also jump down from certain platforms, as well as move on walls and ceilings like in Contra III. A new ability added to the game is a sliding technique performed by holding the direction-pad diagonally downwards while pressing the jump button. The character will be invulnerable while sliding and can even harm certain enemies.
The player can now carry up to four different weapons, as well as a supply of bombs. Like in previous games, weapons are obtained from flying capsule pods. This time the weapon items are now labeled "A", "B", "C", and "D", which will vary depending on the character controlled by the player. Each player begins with a standard machine gun, which can be upgraded to a different semi-automatic weapon by picking up the A-type power-up. When the player loses a life, their current weapon will be lost. Unlike Contra III, the player's supply of bombs will remain the same when a life is lost.
Another unique feature to Contra: Hard Corps is the addition of branching paths that allows the player to play through a different set of stages depending on key decisions made during key moments of the game's story

Requirements Android OS
Categories contra, game, action, shooter,
Size 5175.2 KB
Downloads 1008

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