Durango: Wild Lands

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Durango: Wild Lands


Open-world MMO full of dinosaurs and epic battles.

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What is Durango: Wild Lands?

Durango is role playing game where you are survivor in a world full of dinosaurs. You're riding a train with other people, until the wrapping happened. But after a strange incident you are trapped in a primitive reality. You were transported to a place full of dinosaurs. There you habe to build tools, collect food, repair object and hunt dinosaurs to survive.

Durango's gameplay

The game is MMORPG based in prehistoric world. It has a new approach to role playing games and will give you whole new experience. Instead of teaming up with many players and participate in raids, here you have to explore the Jurassic world and travel to uncharted islands. On your way you will meet a lot of monsters to fight and quests to solve.

Freedom to do everything

One of the greatest things about Durango is your freedom of action. You can collect herbs, chop down trees, construct building and rafts, and engineer tools. Take wise decisions since your survival depends on it. Check out some tips and tricks about Durango.

Survive in prehistoric world

As you probably guess you'll have to fight dinosaurs in Durango. You have two combat modes - automatic and manual. In auto mode you'll attack everything on your way, while in manual mode you take control of this action. You've the option to avoid combats and proceed to the next zone. In order to win any battle you'll need weapons. Take your time, collect materials and build weapons that fits you.

Character switching

Durango is very impressive RPG due to its unconventional approach. You can switch between different roles and characters. You can also interact with other players and learn from them. This way you gain skills that will be valuable in order to complete the level.

Durango: Wild Lands overall impressions

Durango is an awesome massive multiplayer online role playing game. It has amazing graphics on top of rich gameplay. You can learn more about it at Durango's website and follow Durango on Twitter for latest updates.

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More about Durango: Wild Lands

What is Durango: Wild Lands? You can browse media content about Durango: Wild Lands on Pinterest, where great images are added every day. Watch how to install and use Durango: Wild Lands videos on YouTube. You can also look for Durango: Wild Lands app on Amazon Appstore.

Requirements Require Android 4.1 and up
Categories role playing, games, survival, MMO, RPG,
Size 92 MB
Downloads 38

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