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Frog bubble

by MDeeApp

Frog bubble the fantastic bubble game has arrived on the Store


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Frog bubble is developed by MDeeApp who posted it to Android Freeware on Dec 8, 2017. It is avaliable as free download in its latest version 1.30 and has the following requirements to your devices in order to run properly: Android OS.

Frog bubble android app is added in App category on our site. It is one of the best app, game, android, bubble, fun, frogger, frog, gamer, games applications which you may use if you need a app app. It has been rated no ratings yet which users on this site has left. Taking this into account along with the high number of users who bookmark this app as favorite, we may suggest that downloading it is a good choice for your collection of android app. Please leave a review or rate it so other visitors on Android Freeware can know your likes and dislikes.

MDeeApp has made this app available to satisfy the demand for quality app software. MDeeApp specializes in developing app apps for Android devices and Frog bubble is one of its top apps.

We have counted total 13 downloads by our users over time. Download can be performed directly from your android device browser or with file manager application. Some users may experience the situation of not starting the installation after clicking its name. This is due to restrictions in default settings of android, which can be bypassed by enabling installation from Unknown Sources in your Android Settings. Frog bubble apk latest version is 1.30 and it is uploaded to our apk mirror, scanned for malware, virus free. You can download this apk file or go to Google Play. Downloaded APK file can be run on every popular android emulator you can think of.

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Description by MDeeApp

The evil Baron Von Blubba has kidnapped Bubby's girlfriend (initially human) and turned her into a sputum frog. The aim of Bubby is therefore to complete all the 100 levels of the game, corresponding to caves with geometric shapes deeper and deeper in the subsoil, to then face Baron Von Blubba, save the girl and return to their human forms. If the game ends well, the story ends with Bubby who happily meets with his girlfriend and parents.
Game mode
Bubby must make his way through 100 flat-screen platform levels populated by monsters. The purpose of each level is to exterminate all monsters on the screen to advance to the next.
Bubby can walk horizontally and jump, and has the only weapon the ability to spit bubbles, traveling horizontally for a short distance and then slowly floating around the screen. When they travel horizontally as soon as they are fired, the bubbles can capture enemies and make them harmless and vulnerable: once the enemy is imprisoned inside, the player can burst the bubble by putting them on, eliminating the monster and earning points. Monsters killed in this way also turn into fruit that falls into random places on the screen and can be collected for further points. The bubbles that are close together, empty or full, all burst together in a chain reaction; if you kill more enemies together, you get a lot more points and better fruit.
Since it is possible to jump over the bubbles without bursting them (but it is not possible to stand still above), the bubbles can also serve as a platform to reach areas of the otherwise unattainable level.
The enemies
The game is full of opponents, each with its own characteristics of behavior, skills, speed, etc. Getting in touch with these monsters will cause the immediate "death" of the dinosaur. If the player is late in killing the monsters, Hurry Up will appear and the enemies that populate the screen will become more aggressive, change their color to red and increase their speed. Another event that will make them "angry" is the escape of the monsters from the bubbles in which they were imprisoned. In fact, the bubbles are not eternal but in a certain period of time they will vanish, the more time passes, the bubble will tend to red and finally dissolve.
There are 8 species of different monsters, plus the final boss and two invincible creatures.
Weapons and bonuses
In some levels special bubbles will appear that will make the player benefit from numerous bonuses:
The bubbles with a letter inside will give an extra life once the word "EXTEND" has been formed.
The bubbles full of water, if broken, will bring into play a stream that, starting in the opposite direction to that of the frog, will overwhelm the enemies turning them into 7000-point blue diamonds.
The shoes will increase the speed and jump of the player for the whole duration of the current life.
The blue candy will increase the speed of the bubbles fired by the player for the duration of the current life.
The purple candy will increase the range of bubbles for the duration of the current life.
The yellow candy will increase the frequency of the bubbles for the whole duration of the current life.
An armored-looking portal that appears at level 50 if you have never died from the beginning and allows you to suddenly jump 20 levels.

Frog bubble Requirements:

Android OS
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Size 1.4 Mb
Downloads 13

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