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Survive in post-apocalyptic world.

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What is LifeAfter?

LifeAfter is action game where you have to survive in post-apocalyptic world. You'll have to do extraordinary things in the struggle to survive after zombie apocalypse. Unknown virus has demolished the human society and only a few survivals are left alive. You are one of them, so try to save the human kind and destroy all zombies.

LifeAfter Gameplay

First of all you have to create a character which looks can be customized. Choose from man or woman and customize visual appearance such as hair, face and clothes. Great thing is that you have a pet companion to help and amuse you in the game.

Team up with other survivors to collaborate in the fight against all evil monsters. Forge alliances in order to raise your chances of survival. The more weapons shooting, the zombies will fall. Explore the world map and roam through unknown areas.

Create defences

You have the option to create own tools by gathering resources. Collect any rocks, iron objects, wood or hemp to create weapons and tools. Try to create a shelter surrounded with defence walls to protect you. Set traps and barricades to prevent zombies from entering your base camp. Lay the foundations for bigger and more complex buildings.

LifeAfter controls

LifeAfter has very simple controls. Move with the virtual stick on the left of the screen. Reload, shoot and jump with the buttons on the right. Navigate where you go with the mini-map. It simple preview of the surrounding area and if zoomed out, to the map you've explored. You can also access your inventory to equip different weapon or use specific tool.

LifeAfter overall impressions

Life After great addition to the survival games genre. It will give you a lot of entertainment with its rich options and multiplayer play. Play together with other survivalists over internet in order to beat the zombies. You can learn more about it at LifeAfter's website and follow LifeAfter on Twitter for latest updates.

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More about LifeAfter

What is LifeAfter? You can browse media content about LifeAfter on Pinterest, where great images are added every day. Watch how to install and use LifeAfter videos on YouTube. You can also look for LifeAfter app on Amazon Appstore.

Requirements Require Android 4.0 and up
Categories role playing, games, survival,
Size 24 MB
Downloads 21

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