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Key features of Lucky Patcher

  • Unlock game resources, get In-App Purchases for free and block ads.
  • Updated on Dec 14, 2019
  • Lucky Patcher APK is available for free download

Android Freeware's review

Lucky Patcher is tool to unlock the full potential and have more control over installed Android applications. One of its top features is to remove the license verification of paid apps and games so you can use them without paying. The app has quite interesting range of options including deactivating ads without paying or creating a custom modified APK. You can use it to get additional resources, coins and unlock all new characters or levels in most games. This way your are able to access most In-App Purchases for free and change settings of applications that are not permitted by default.

Lucky Patcher features

  • Mod many apps and games.
  • Block Ads.
  • Remove unwanted system apps.
  • Backup apps and their data files.
  • Move apps to SD card.
  • Remove license verification from paid games and apps.
  • Remove unwanted and suspicious permissions from any software.
  • Get gems, coin, chips, and more things in games for free.

Does lucky patcher really work?

Full control over your Android device

Lucky Patcher is awesome tool to modify many aspects of your installed software and by doing this customize your device in unique way. Its array of functions including ad blocker, system apps removal, and the option to get paid applications and games for free, makes it an outstanding piece of software. Just make sure to install in on a rooted device in order to use its full potential. You'll uncover a whole new way to use your Android with all these otherwise paid add-ons.

Make sure to enable following permissions to use Lucky Patcher:

  • Allow it to Access contents on SD card.
  • Allow Drawing over applications.
  • Allow Reading content on internal storage.
  • Allow modification of stock applications.
  • Allow access to Camera, Contacts, Photos and Video.

How to use this Lucky Patcher

How to use this Lucky Patcher

The software is not as simple as it looks at first sight. On its first screen it shows all the applications present on your smartphone or tablet. It will show you complete information about each one and mark them with different color. These color indicate the actions that you can perform:

  • Green: The app can be registered.
  • Yellow: The app requires specific patches.
  • Blue: The app has built-in Google ads.
  • Magenta: This app in is the start-up menu.
  • Purple: The app has In-App Purchase.
  • Red: The app can't be registered or patched.
  • Orange: Indicates that this is a system app.
  • Clover: The app has been successfully changed.
  • Star[*]: The dalvik-cache of this app has been edited.

Now you can select any app and make changes to it. Below are detailed guides how to use it.

How to Create Modified APK with Lucky Patcher

How to Create Modified APK with Lucky Patcher

Another useful feature is the ability to create custom APK of your modified apps. This can be done by following these steps:

  1. Find the select the software of your choice. Tap on "Create Modified APK" option.
  2. Chose the desired option for the new modified APK.
  3. The mod will be saved in /sdcard/LuckyPatcher/Modified
  4. Now you can save it for further use or send it to other devices.
  5. Repeat the process for other apps or games.

Remove preinstalled bloatware

Remove preinstalled bloatware

Most Android phones comes with preinstalled software by their manufacturer. Samsung, Xiaomi and Huawei are putting too many apps on their phones and sometimes removing the unwanted and unneeded ones is a struggle. They also has customization layers which may even show you ads when your are in the Settings menu. From my personal experience this is very annoying and the option to get rid of these apps is awesome. Lucky Patcher is a must have tool for every root user to remove bloatware from Android device.

How to remove ads from Android apps

Remove ads from android apps

Ads are one of the most annoying thing that you can encounter while playing your favorite game or using favorite apps. Some developers use overwhelming quantity of ads to earn more bucks. Putting too much ads in games and apps is a frustrating experience for all users. If you are sick of all those pop ups, header and footer banners, or just all the plain ads, this tool can help you to remove them. Block ads with a single tap and create an ad free experience for yourself. Here is how to remove Google Ads in 6 easy steps:

  1. Select the app and tap on "Remove Google Ads" option.
  2. Select "Patch to remove Google Ads".
  3. Make sure that you've internet access and run the app.
  4. If by any chance the ads are still present do this. Select "Disable Ads Activities" and look for ads activities that can be disabled.
  5. Now all the ads will disappear.
  6. To restore the app to its previous state tap "Remove ODEX with Changes" or "Restore".

There are three general methods to remove ads on rooted and non-rooted devices:

  • The first one is to remove ads from the app. You have to patch "Remove Google Ads" which requires root.
  • Second method is to remove ads by rebuilding the application. It does not require root can be used for most software.
  • The third and most often used method is to modify the hosts file. It requires root but is universal solution for all software currently installed on your device.

Get free coins and money in every game

Lucky Patcher is awesome app because every gamer can use it to boost performance in games. It gives you the option to add unlimited money, coins, gems and by this to upgrade your characters with powerful weapons or everything else that you might need. This way you can get most In-App purchases for free without the need to spend a single cent. Stop wasting your money on greedy developers and get everything you want in every game. Check out following video guides to get free In-App purchases:

  1. Get free in app purchases by downloading modded Google Play. This modded Play Store give you the option to use protected apps with cracking them. You are able to skip Google License Verification and verify license offline. Make sure to disable self update of apps to prevent new versions of interfering with current setting. Modded version of Google Play Store requires root.
  2. Second method is to use proxy server for GP. It needs root too.
  3. Third method is to use support patch for InApp emulation. This one also required rooted android to work.
  4. Fourth method that can be used on non rooted device is the most common. You can rebuild APK of any application and install it with the new settings.

Top 10 games that you can modify using Lucky Patcher

Use paid apps for free and without billing

Use paid apps for free and without billing

This software allows you to use paid apps for free. You can use the app to remove license verification from paid games and apps. By doing this you can use paid apps features without spending money. Bypassing Google's billing is neat way to download and use any app that is paid. The modded Google Play store mentioned previously can be used to bypass license verification of many applications. Remove license verification in 6 easy steps:

  1. Make sure that the original APK file of the game or app you want to patch is installed.
  2. Select the software and tap on "Remove License Verification" option.
  3. Select "Auto Mode" run it.
  4. It it fails for some reason try "Auto Mode(Inverse) or "Extreme Auto Mode".
  5. Now the application or game should be registered successfully.
  6. To unregister it tap on "Remove ODEX with Changes" or "Restore".

Here I want to make a brief overview of all modes. In Automatic Mode you can remove license verification with a single tap. There is also auto mode for Amazon Appstore and Samsung apps. Just make sure to have Internet connection to make the process faster. The Automatic Mode Inverted can be used if this method fails. It has some differences from it and may work. The Extreme Mode uses all templates it can find to remove license verification. Another way is to manually remove the license verification. Make sure to have a backup of the targeted app. Hit the "Patch" option and wait a little. Start the app by tapping the "Launch" button. Below are video walkthroughs for the five different methods to remove license Verification on Android:

  1. In the first mode you can remove License Verification very easily, but it requires a rooted android device.
  2. Second mode give your the option to create a license for App. It needs root access too.
  3. Third mode lets you use Proxy Server for Google Play. Needles to say it requires rooted smartphone.
  4. You can download Modded Google Play, which is your fourth option and also requires rooting.
  5. The fifth and only one possible option to uses on non-rooted devices is to rebuild the application.

How to manage apps data and perform backup

How to manage apps data and perform backup

This crack tool has the option to convert your favorite apps as system apps. It can copy every app of your choice in your system folder. You can also move any app from phone storage to the SD card. This can be done even to those apps that are not allowed by default. The option to backup app data and external files is top one. Backup all of your important files so you can retrieve them later. You can also backup modified and patched apps. This way you can have them ready for your new phone or Android device.

What are custom patches in Lucky patcher?

Every user can create and upload custom patch to Lucky Patcher. The custom patch is developed for a specific app or game to modify its aspects. Due to the different file structure of every game and application custom patches are essential for modding it. Below is guides how to download and use custom Lucky Patcher patches.

How to use custom patches

  1. Find and tap on the application that you want to patch.
  2. Select "Custom Patch".
  3. Run and test application with Internet.
  4. The app must be patched.
  5. Tap "Remove ODEX with Changes" or "Restore" to return the application to its original state.

There are different steps you must follow to apply custom patches. All the custom patches uploaded by users and approved by its developers can be accessed here.

Change permissions of Android apps

Two methods to change permissions of Android apps

The are two methods that can be used to change permissions of Android applications. First one is the Unstable Method. It should be used very carefuly because it edits the system file packages.xml. Be sure to have backup of your apps because it may lead to undesirable consequences. They other possible way is the Safe Method. It is more reasonable to use since it will not change the application signature. It works by rebuilding the app to your desired changes. Here are the available options:

  • Change Permissions and Activities
  • Create Modified APK
  • Remove ODEX with Changes
  • Remove selected saved purchases
  • Restore application from an APK file in /sdcard/LuckyPatcher/Backup/.
  • Backup APK file to restore later. APK file is saved to /sdcard/LuckyPatcher/Backup/ folder.
  • Patch on Reboot
  • Manual Patcher
  • ODEX This Application
  • Move to /system/app
  • Share this App
  • Copy Changes to dalvik-cache
  • Backup APK file for reinstall
  • Delete dalvik-cache

To change permissions follow these steps:

  1. Select the software and tap "Change Permissions" option.
  2. Select which permissions you want disable. They will be marked in Red.
  3. Select the permissions you want to enable. They will be marked in Green.
  4. Apply the settings and reboot the software.

There is list with top 20 games that can be patched by Lucky Patcher 2019 that can be accessed here. You can also visit the forum where users engage in meaningful conversation about new versions, bug or errors.

Is Lucky patcher illegal?

The way you use Lucky Patcher can be illegal. This is because you are actually bypassing license verification of paid apps. In short this is a theft and can be prosecuted in some countries. Make sure to know your local laws before using this app. However downloading it to your Android phone and using it for backup or blocking ads is totally legal.

When you run Lucky Patcher Pro youll see a complete list of all the apps installed on your smartphone. Lucky Patcher Pro lets you take the control of the apps that are installed on your Android smartphone.

Lucky Patcher is recently updated hack crack application by luckypatchers, that can be used for various patch purposes. Its latest version 8.52 has 254047 downloads. You can download Lucky Patcher latest APK for Android right now.


License Free
Requirements Android 2.33 (GINGERBREAD) or up, 2 GB RAM and 8 GB Internal storage. Rooted or unrooted devices, but root is recommended.
Language English
Categories tools, hack, crack, patch, mods, lucky
Size 7.5 MB
Version 8.52
Author luckypatchers
Downloads 254047
Download options APK
User Rating 4.75 / 5


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