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Practical Accurate Compass


The coolest navigation instrument will be useful to all of you who like spending time outdoors. Download for free the latest ☆Practical


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Download Practical Accurate Compass apk for android.

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When was Practical Accurate Compass released? Latest Application And Games created Practical Accurate Compass and posted it to Android Freeware on Oct 16, 2018. It is available as free app in its latest version 1.50.

What is Practical Accurate Compass? Practical Accurate Compass is among the Practical apps on our site. It is one of the best practical, accurate, compass, app, navigation tool, instrument, sides of the world, leaves, roses application which you may download.

What is Practical Accurate Compass used for? Latest Application And Games has made this app available to satisfy the demand for quality practical software. The coolest navigation instrument will be useful to all of you who like spending time outdoors. Download for free the latest ☆Practical

Is Practical Accurate Compass worth it? With no ratings yet it is among the best practical apps. High number of users mark this app as favorite. Please leave a review or rate it so others can know your likes and dislikes.

Who made Practical Accurate Compass? Latest Application And Games made this awesome practical android app. Practical Accurate Compass is one of the top Latest Application And Games apps.

What does Practical Accurate Compass require to run? The app requires Android OS 4.4+ to run.

Is Practical Accurate Compass free on Android? Yes! It is completely free.

Is Practical Accurate Compass safe? APK uploaded to our mirror is v1.50. It is scanned for malware and virus free. You can download Practical Accurate Compass apk file safe and secure or go to Google Play.

How many downloads does Practical Accurate Compass have? We have counted total 597 downloads by our users over time. How to download Practical Accurate Compass for Android? Perform download from your android device browser or with file manager application.

How to install Practical Accurate Compass? Some users may experience the situation of not starting the installation. Android restricts that by default. Enable Unknown Sources in Android Settings to bypass it. The app can be installed on external storage.

Is Practical Accurate Compass available for PC? How to download Practical Accurate Compass for iPhone? You can download Practical Accurate Compass APK to your device. You will need android emulator in order to install it on Mac or Windows computer, or iOS device. It can run on every popular android emulator.

How to hack Practical Accurate Compass? You can find apps to hack Practical Accurate Compass, mod it, or download apk. Amazing tips, tricks and cheats may be available too.

Download it and enjoy great practical software. Check out similar practical apps or applications from Latest Application And Games.

Description by Latest Application And Games

The coolest navigation instrument will be useful to all of you who like spending time outdoors. Download for free the latest Practical Accurate Compass app on your Android smartphone or tablet and never again will you be lost. Taking a walk or camping in the wild is something that can help you relax and run away from everyday activities. If you often have long weekends and are going with your friends to enjoy the beauties of nature, then you probably know how significant having a tool for navigation is. This is one-of-a-kind opportunity to obtain the best Practical Accurate Compass and you should take it. It is designed to suit the needs of children and adults and installation is a walk in the park. With one tap you will have it on your device.

Discover how useful it is to have a real orientation tool in your pocket whenever you are going to some unknown area. Just by unlocking the screen you will easily detect the sides of the world and which is the right way to go. The popular Practical Accurate Compass is offering you a chance to customize the look of this new tool that you will be using. The change background icon will provide you with so many cool background images. Scroll through them all and find what you like best. Perhaps the clusters of roses will be most according to your liking. They are enchanting! Colorful autumn leaves are going to make you feel like this marvelous season has already come. The ones who are in love will be thrilled with amorous hearts behind their new compass. So many different looks of your top instrument can be found within the latest Practical Accurate Compass. A transparent one will completely blow you away and you could set it in front of a map and take a screenshot. This will be saved into your gallery and it will be so convenient to access it whenever you wish.

Calibration instructions:
You can perform calibration by moving your phone or tablet in the pattern of number eight . It is a piece of cake and everybody can do it. Check out the specifications of your device to find out whether it has magnetic sensor, since otherwise it will not work.
The top compass on your device will stop functioning if there is too strong or too weak magnetic field. If any of such interferences happens you should do the calibration again. All of you who are using flip phone covers you should know that it will affect the work of the popular Practical Accurate Compass.

How to use the app:
Perform the calibration of your new compass
Find the coolest look for your navigation tool
Browse the backgrounds to set the perfect one
Take a look at the magnetic needle and read the coordinates
Place a map behind transparent compass and capture a screenshot

Requirements Android OS 4.4+
Size 1.4 Mb
Downloads 597

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