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Major new version, over 20 bugs fixed, more than 10 important features added! full-featured 3d-modeling software, designed for multi-touch


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When was Spacedraw released? Scalisoft created Spacedraw and posted it to Android Freeware on Dec 3, 2012. It is available as free app in its latest version 1.10.

What is Spacedraw? Spacedraw is among the 3d graphics apps on our site. It is one of the best 3d graphics, 3d modeling, productivity, multi touch, multitouch, graphics, drawing, painting, gyroscope, accelerometer application which you may download.

What is Spacedraw used for? Scalisoft has made this app available to satisfy the demand for quality 3d graphics software.

How Spacedraw works? It works like most of the 3d graphics applications available. It packs neat graphics on top of user-friendly interface. Major new version, over 20 bugs fixed, more than 10 important features added! full-featured 3d-modeling software, designed for multi-touch

Is Spacedraw worth it? With no ratings yet it is among the best 3d graphics apps. High number of users mark this app as favorite. Please leave a review or rate it so others can know your likes and dislikes.

Who made Spacedraw? Scalisoft made this awesome 3d graphics android app. Spacedraw is one of the top Scalisoft apps.

What does Spacedraw require to run? The app requires Android OS 4.4+ to run.

Is Spacedraw free on Android? Yes! It is completely free.

Is Spacedraw safe? APK uploaded to our mirror is v1.10. It is scanned for malware and virus free. You can download Spacedraw apk file safe and secure or go to Google Play.

How many downloads does Spacedraw have? We have counted total 2182 downloads by our users over time. How to download Spacedraw for Android? Perform download from your android device browser or with file manager application.

How to install Spacedraw? Some users may experience the situation of not starting the installation. Android restricts that by default. Enable Unknown Sources in Android Settings to bypass it. The app can be installed on external storage.

Is Spacedraw available for PC? How to download Spacedraw for iPhone? You can download Spacedraw APK to your device. You will need android emulator in order to install it on Mac or Windows computer, or iOS device. It can run on every popular android emulator.

How to hack Spacedraw? You can find apps to hack Spacedraw, mod it, or download apk. Amazing tips, tricks and cheats may be available too.

Download it and enjoy great 3d graphics software. Check out similar 3d graphics apps or applications from Scalisoft.

Description by Scalisoft

full-featured 3d-modeling software, designed for tablets & smartphones

multi-touch 3d-graphics - new ways of viewing, drawing, modeling

  • drawing & constructing / polygon & patch modeling / lighting, materials, texture mapping / 3d-painting

  • efficient and intuitive use of multi-touch and motion-sensors throughout

  • adapts to almost any Android-device, highly configurable


  • change the view while drawing or modeling, using multi-touch or by tilting your device

    • up to 4 touch-points, gyroscope / accelerometer

  • toggle wireframe, shading, textures, lighting, x-ray; hide objects / faces

  • draw freehand-lines, CAD-polylines & splines in 3d, combine them to arbitrary complex networks

    • rotate the construction-plane while drawing

    • intuitively adjust splines via anchor-points & handles, using multi-touch

  • create rectangles, grids, boxes, polygons, prisms, pyramids, discs, cylinders, cones, tori, spheres, helices

    • change various parameters

    • align them to surfaces

  • select & transform any number of vertices, edges, faces or objects

    • preview highlight

    • multi-touch lasso & paint selection

    • select paths, loops, rings, connected, border, outline

    • grow/shrink, invert, convert selections

    • soft selection

  • move simultaneously in all spatial directions, using two fingers

  • rotate freely around all 3 axes, scale, flip objects

    •  individual / common pivot

  • snap to a 3d-grid, points, lines or faces

  • link objects hierarchically

  • create copies, instances & arrays

  • model arbitrary complex polygon meshes, manifold or not

    •  normals, colors & UVs are retained

  • weld vertices (center / target / auto), merge or collapse faces & edges

  • extrude or bridge edges & faces

  • subdivide regularly, insert edge loops or draw edges

  • detach, split, slice

  • chamfer edges & corners

  • "inflate" lines or edges to pipes

    • at branchings, the simplest possible joints are created, yielding contiguous manifold surfaces

  • "thicken" surfaces to solids

    • create manifold objects even from ramified constructs

  • create "patch-surfaces" from spline-networks

    • 2-, 3-, 4-sided patches

    • adjust them via control-points & handles, using multi-touch

    • create smooth surfaces, creases & cusps

    • mix patches with polygon-meshes

  • place directional-, point- & spot-lights

    • adjust color, ambient / diffuse intensity, decay, cone-angle & -falloff

  • define materials: diffuse & specular color, shininess, emission, transparency, texture

  • assign them to whole object or individual faces

  • assign vertex-colors to faces, edges, vertices, creating gradients

  • view & edit normals

  • map textures using planar, box, cylindrical or spherical projection, or face / wrap mapping

  • adjust the maps directly in the 3d-viewpot, split or weld UVs

  • use your own images, or the included library of over 100 varied materials

    • adjust & crop the images

    • use transparency

  • create procedural textures: gradient, tile, checker, clouds, turbulence

  • paint directly on surfaces in the 3d-viewport

    • brushes with custom, possibly colorful tip images

    • change spacing, scatter, rotation, squish...

    • various brushes are included, new ones can be defined

    • paint over different objects

    • many blending modes

    • paint transparency

    • apply effects by painting

    • stamp decals / patterns

    • project textures by painting

    • smudge

    • clone

    • erase to history

    • magic-wand- & face-selection

  • move, resize & zoom "windows" using multi-touch gestures

  • choose any color with one grip by moving in the 3d color-space with two fingers

  • change the colors & sizes of the interface, pointer, vertices, edges...

  • import & export .obj files incl. materials, textures, normals*

  • undo any operation, save the full construction-history to a file*

  • a status-bar shows hints for using the tools

  • a detailed user manual is available online at, covering all of Spacedraw's functions

    ~ to start using Spacedraw, follow the Quick start tutorial, available at ~

* the free version only saves / exports scenes with up to 1000 vertices, and no history

Requirements Android OS 4.4+
Size 2290.9 KB
Downloads 2182

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