योगासन | Yoga in Hindi
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योगासन | Yoga in Hindi

Hacer yoga manténgase en forma y saludable,Haga su esencia espiritual entra en el poder por el yoga.

समस्त योगासन विधि और लाभ ( प्राणायाम, आसन, उन्नत आसन, व्यायाम, योग, योग मुद्रा )

Healthy mind lies in healthy body, A truly said mantra of life.

You have to exercise and practice yoga daily in order to maintain good work life balance. Yoga is known for its mental and physical health benefits. This app will help you learn and practice various aasanas of yoga in hindi, Achieve total fitness and health with this yoga app. Enjoy this completely free app.

There are both videos and graphical images present to help you learn yoga techniques. Yoga is great way to exercise and stay fit. Please follow it regularly and be in peace both physically and mentally and meet your fitness needs.

The app contains the various Indian Yoga stuffs across and are broadly classified as per the need of every person as per illness and all the types of requirements. Consistency is fulfilling and would be a good experience for all the users.A step by step guide for Yoga postures and Yoga Gestures.Yoga in hindi for all is the best hindi app for beginners as well as all peoples.Do this yoga workout daily and get benefit of Indian yoga in hindi.

Yoga app have over all yoga poses in hindi language. Yoga is great way to exercise. Yoga in hindi app can help improve your overall health. the app includes..
► Pranayam (प्राणायाम)
► Yoga asanas (योग आसन)
► Daily yoga exercises (व्यायाम )
► Yoga poses (योगा)
► Yoga Mudra(योग मुद्रा)

Following are the classifications of ALL Yoga Postures (Yoga Asana) STUFFS:

Surya – Namaskar,Akarna – Dhanur - Asana,Anjaneya – Asana,Ardha Chandra - Asana,Ardha – Matsyendra - Asana,Baddha Kona Asana,Bala Asana,Chakra Asana,Dhanur - Asana,Ekapada - Asana,Garuda – Asana,Gomukha – Asana,Hala - sana,Hasta – Pada – angusta,Matsya - Asana,Naga – Asana,Nataraja Asana,Padma – Asana,Parivritta – parshvakona,Pavana mukta Asana,Sarvanga – Asana,Shalabha – Asana,Shava – Asana,Siddha - Asana,Simha – Asana,Sirsha – Asana,Tada – Asana,Trikona – Asana,Ugra – Asana,Ushtra – Asana,Vajra – Asana,Vira – Asana,Vriksha – Asana,Vrischika – Asana

List of Yoga Gestures (Yog Mudra) inclued in this app are:

Gyan Mudra,Prana Mudra,Vayu Mudra,Prithvi Mudra,Chin Mudra,Apan Mudra,Surya Mudra,Shunya Mudra,Linga Mudra,Ganesha Mudra,Mandala Mudra,Shankh Mudra,Rudra Mudra,Apan Vayu Mudra,Surahi Mudra,Surabhi Mudra,Hakini Mudra,Bronchial and Asthama Mudra,Back Mudra,Kundalini Mudra,Khechari Mudra,Yoni Mudra,Jnana Mudra,Varun Mudra,Adi Mudra,Shuni Mudra,Buddha Mudra,Anjali Mudra,Lotus Mudra,Kubera Mudra,Maha Sacral Mudra,Shiv Linga Mudra,Purna Mudra,Suchi Mudra,Abhaya Mudra,Garuda Mudra,Guru Prasad Mudra,Kali Mudra,Venus Lock Mudra,Jupiter Lock Mudra,Bear Grip Mudra,Vaayan Mudra,Samaan Mudra,Hansi Mudra,Mrigi Mudra,Hirdayi Mudra,Bandhak Mudra,Aditi Mudra,Chinmaya Mudra

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योगासन | Yoga in Hindi se actualizó recientemente fitness yoga solicitud por Tuneonn Inc., que se puede usar para varios hindi propósitos. Su última versión 2.5a tiene 211593 descargas. Puede descargar योगासन | Yoga in Hindi APK para Android ahora mismo.


Nombre योगासन | Yoga in Hindi
Acerca de Hacer yoga manténgase en forma y saludable,Haga su esencia espiritual entra en el poder por el yoga.
Calificación 4.30 / 5 de 15 votos
Requisitos Require Android 4.4 and up
Idioma English
Licencia Gratis
Categorías health, fitness, yoga, hindi, mudra, asana
Tamaño 14M
Versión 2.5a
Autor Tuneonn Inc.
Descargas 211593


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