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Animal ID

Animal ID

  • v2.0.12

Profil hewan peliharaan dengan fungsi perlindungan dan perawatan: lokasi, dokumen, buku harian, catatan.

1 in 4 pets is lost at least once in their life. With Animal ID, your pet will return home faster thanks to the link between the pet’s ID and profile within the global database of identified animals. Store your pet's documents in the application, mark vaccination dates, schedule grooming, and add medication regimens in the calendar.

Registration in the application is simple, fast, and free.
It includes a separate profile for the owner and for each animal; details can be added later.

A lost pet will not be able to give its address and phone number or tell what food it is allergic to. All of this data can be obtained from the pet’s QR pet tag in the Animal ID database. Whoever finds the lost pet simply needs to scan the QR code on the tag to find out all the information about the animal and its owner's contact details. QR pet tag works all over the world.

You will receive a push notification and email when the pet tag is scanned. In the application, you will see data about the location where the scan occurred.

The pet's public profile contains the owner's contacts. The person who scanned the tag will be able to choose a way to quickly contact you.
In addition, the pet profile can be located through a microchip search.

The care diary is made for easy pet care. Create a diary for your pet, set up an event category, and always remember your important things.

Store your pet's documents online. They will always be on hand when you need them.

Our partners and supporters:
Best Friends Animal Society (USA)
Dogs Trust Worldwide (UK)
Four Paws International (Austria)
NatureWatch Foundation (UK)
Members of Europetnet association (EU)
Members of Petmaxx.com (Global)


Video panduan

Berikut ini adalah video singkat tentang cara menggunakan Animal ID profile app.

Pet Care Basics

What is Animal ID pet registration platform?


  • pets profile aplikasi tersedia untuk ponsel dan tablet Android.
  • Versi terbaru 2.0.12 dirilis pada .
  • Unduh gratis dari animal-id.apk
  • 134,862+ menginstal


  • Ini akan membutuhkan 52M di perangkat Anda.
  • Tidak dapat dijalankan pada perangkat dengan spesifikasi sebagai berikut: Require Android 5.1 and up


Android 5.1
Bahasa Indonesia
social, animal, pets, profile, medication, home faster
Animal ID Corporation
3.70 dari 5 dari 70 suara


Apa yang orang lain katakan tentang ini aplikasi

I had a bit of a rough start with this app, and I wasn't sure that the developer was going to come through and clear the problem I was having. So yes, at first I was pretty irritated because there were more bad ratings that made me wonder if I had made a mistake. However, they did solve the issue and responded pretty quickly. I think this program has great value and addresses a need in the community of pet owners. My opinion: if you have an issue, contact them directly and give them a chance.
Relatively easy to navigate, good FAQ section, support team assisted with specific issue the user does not have an acces to so everything is fine. The info from the system is available in search engine so pet seems to be protected from that end.
I love it! Very easy to register and follow instructions. Info about the pet and owner can be easily seen once QR scanned. A very good digital collar tag. If pet get lost a very higher chance to reunite with the owner.
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