Paint and Notepad

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Paint and Notepad

Menggambar atau tulisan tangan. Anda juga dapat menggunakan fitur notepad.

[The basic features of this app ]

1. Common feature


2. Drawing mode(paint board)

* Loading a picture : Bringing a photo to keep the aspect ratio, Bringing a photo to fit the screen, Bringing a photo to set background.

*Sort of pens : normal pen, eraser, spray, paint bucket, earthworm, highlighter, shadow pen,two neon pens, shaping tool.

*Magnification function : Using two finger to magnify or curtail the paint board.

*Coloring : Supporting default colors and Custom colors, able to change background color. And transparancy can be set.

*Sharing : Sharing a drawing via various apps.

*Saving : Save the drawing to opaque image or transparent image with two file type : png, jpg.

*Undo, redo : It can be returned when you mistake on drawing.

*Inserting text

3. Note mode(notepad)

*Loading text file : able to load a text file to notepad.

*Able to save the note in the app, or save as text file and image file which is screenshot of notepad.

*Attaching and viewing the pictures(PNG, JPG, GIF) available.

*Sharing the note via various apps.

*The note's background color can be set with transparency.

[Detailed explanation]

1. Tutorial : It is an explanation about this app's function.

2. Paint board function

*Bringing a photo : There is 4 ways to load photography : Bringing a photo to keep the aspect ratio, Bringing a photo to fit the screen, Bringing a photo to set background. Also It is convenient to use because you can cut the picture when it is set to background. And you can set its transparency so, it is possible to draw a picture to imitate photo.

*Sort of pens or tools.

Normal pen : you can draw a picture fell normal pen.

Eraser : you can set its size and erase the picture.

Spray : This is unique tool of this app. Feeling actual spray, you can be given much fun.

Paint bucket : With one touch, you can color the area which is surrounded with lines.

Earthworm : The earthworm function that was discovered accidentally during development is a feature that is attractive once it is used.

Highlighter : Literally, It feel a highlighter. Little transparent so that you can emphasize the area.

Shadow pen : This guy is only one existing in this app. Along the line, it cast a shadow.

Neon pen 1 : Giving the neon effect. Inner of line is dark, and outer of line blinking the light.

Neon pen 2: Giving the another neon effect. Inner of line is bright and outer of line is dark.

Shaping tool : You can select the shape : Square, triangle, line, circle. Of course, you can adjust the effect we have seen before.

*Magnification : If you want to draw elaborately, just widen or narrow your two fingers. Of course you should use two finger when you moving the paint board. With your one finger, picture will be drawn.

*Color : There are 30 normal colors. And there are custom colors which are your own colors you selected.

In custom colors, there are empty palettes. And you can save the your own color by touching the empty palettes.

One more thing! You can set color with transparency. Each time you adjust the transparency, the colors of the palette are adjusted for transparency.

*Sharing : You can set the name of drawing, its save directory, and share the drawing via various app to brag of it!

*Saving : There is 3 way to save. Saving as opaque png, jpg files, or Saving as transparent png file.

If you want to save it opaque, it will include background. And saving transparent, exclude background.

*Undo, redo : If you can not draw a picture well, you can go back to before you draw it. This can be undone if you do not want to rotate the screen.

3. Notepad function

*Loading text file : You can load a text file to notepad. Just like computer notepad has these features, this app does the same.

*Saving : There is 3 ways to save note. Saving as text file, image file(jpg, png), and save in this app.

*Attaching a picture(GIF, PNG...): you can attach a photo if it is needed. Of course, it is possible to magnify or curtail by touching photo.

Paint and Notepad aru-baru ini diperbarui paint notepad aplikasi oleh GoodPerson, yang dapat digunakan untuk berbagai sketch tujuan. Versi terbarunya 5.1.1 memiliki 392524 unduhan. Anda dapat mengunduh Paint and Notepad APK untuk Android sekarang.


Nama Paint and Notepad
Tentang Menggambar atau tulisan tangan. Anda juga dapat menggunakan fitur notepad.
Penilaian 4.00 / 5 85 suara
Spesifikasi Require Android 4.4 and up
Bahasa Indonesia
Lisensi gratis
Kategori tools, paint, notepad, sketch, memo, color
Ukuran 4.7M
Versi 5.1.1
Pencipta GoodPerson
Unduhan 392524

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