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Aplikasi Islami terbaik untuk permohonan otentik (dua) dan pengingat setiap hari!

More than 400 supplications (dua), all authenticated by the hadith specialist, shaykh Muhammed Nâsir ad-din al-Albani (may allah have mercy upon him). Hisnii (My Fortress) in English is "Fortress of the Muslim" (Hisnul Muslim) but more complete and with the additional benefit of a completely revised authentication. Indeed, in Islam, checking sources is paramount.

Hisnii is an islamic app that relies on the most famous books of invocations in order to offer the community a complete work that meets its needs in terms of supplications and reminders, and this on a daily basis.
In order to achieve this, the work for "Hisnii" has mainly focused on the following books:

- The Quran for the supplications taken from Allah's Book

- Sahîh al-'Adhkar by Muhammad Ibn Hasan ash-Shaykh

This book of invocations that is little known among the Anglophones is a standard in Islam. It distinguishes itself from the very famous book called Hisnul Muslim (The Fortress of the Muslim) by two major characteristics, namely that it uses only authentic hadiths based on the work of authentication of the great contemporary hadith specialist (muhaddith) Shaykh Muhammad Nâsir ad-Dîn al-Albani (may Allah have mercy upon him) and that the order of its chapters is remarkable in its ease of use and quite intuitive due to the chronological order of the supplications of the Muslim's day (invocations before going to sleep, while waking up at night, when getting up in the morning, when performing ablution, when leaving the house, ...).

- Hisnul Muslim by Sa'id al-Qahtani (Fortress of the Muslim), which is well-known among the Anglophones.

- Tuhfat al-Akhiyâr min Sahîh al-Ad'iyati wa-l-Adhkâr with the annotations of the scholars al-Albani, Ibn Baz and Ibn Uthaymeen.

And many others ...


• More than 440 supplications

• 56 Rabbana (dua) from the Holy Quran

• Invocations organized in 24 categories (supplications for sleep, morning supplications, evening supplications, for fasting, for the pilgrimage, for marriage, for the prayer, ...)

• Reminder of the day (Get daily, short beneficial reminders (hadith, verse...)

• Sharing supplications and reminders of the days in images.

• New quality audio for each dua; specially designed for non-Arabic speakers.

• Repetition mode for learning the supplications.

• Beautiful invocations from the Holy Quran recited by Sa'd El Ghâmidî.

• Priceless treasures. (All the virtues of invocations grouped in the same spot).

• Themes.

• Reminders.

• Search engine.

• Phonetic transliteration

• Favorites option.

• Night mode.

• Font size settings.

• Available in English, French and Arabic.

Hoping, through this humble contribution, to add our building block to the sublime structure that is Islam and to participate in spreading it, we ask Allah to make this work beneficial for the Muslims and that our deeds be sincere for Him, because therein lies true success.

Hisnii aru-baru ini diperbarui reference hisnii aplikasi oleh Fahed Mahidi, yang dapat digunakan untuk berbagai daily tujuan. Versi terbarunya 2.0.4 memiliki 208367 unduhan. Anda dapat mengunduh Hisnii APK untuk Android sekarang.


Nama Hisnii
Tentang Aplikasi Islami terbaik untuk permohonan otentik (dua) dan pengingat setiap hari!
Penilaian 4.70 / 5 36 suara
Spesifikasi Require Android 5.0 and up
Bahasa Indonesia
Lisensi gratis
Kategori books, reference, hisnii, daily, reminders, supplications
Ukuran 34M
Versi 2.0.4
Pencipta Fahed Mahidi
Unduhan 208367

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