Daily Brain Training

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Daily Brain Training

Pelatihan Brain harian adalah aplikasi pelatihan otak bebas mengandung banyak pelatihan otak.

Daily Brain Training is a free brain training app contains many kind of trainings.
Trainings mainly improve your memory and calculation speed.

- Separated save datas
You can create 4 datas in one device. It is useful to use this app with your family.

- Training level system
The difficulty of trainings change by your accuracy. If you answer all questions correctly many times, the training level up. You can train your brain by appropriate level trainings.

- Today's Test
There is a test that you can take once per day. Compete with other players to get high score on GooglePlay Game Service! The higher trainings level, the better score you can get.

- Training Calendar
You can check that how many training you have completed in the day.
The more you train, the more you can get stamps that represents the number of trainings you have done.

[Current All Trainings]
1. Serial Calculation : addition, subtraction and multiplication.
2. Calculation 40 : 40 basic calculation training.
3. Card Memorization : Memorize the number on the cards. Then touch cards in order.
4. Cross Number : Numbers appear from the screen edge. Answer the sum of all numbers.
5. Shape Touch : Many shapes are shown. Touch all targeted shapes.
6. Delay RPS : Rock Paper Scissors training. Select a hand by following instruction.
7. Sign Calc Lite : Fill blank of formula with a proper sign.
8. Sign Calculation : Fill blank of formula with proper signs. Select two signs.
9. Color Recognition : Color judgement training. Select text color or meaning of text.
10. Word Memorization : Memorize shown words in 20 sec. Then answer the word existed.
11. Fraction Check : Select a fraction of equal value. Sometimes select NOT equal.
12. Shape Recognition : Check if the shape is same as that is shown before.
13. Stray Number : Find a number that is only one on the screen.
14. Bigger or Smaller : Check if the number is bigger or smaller than before.
15. Find The Same : Find the one identical shape on the screen.
16. Touch Num in Order : Touch all numbers in order from 1.
17. Remember Calc : Memorize numbers and remember them after calculation training.
18. Black Box : Numbers goes in and out from the box. Answer the sum of numbers in the box.
19. Largest Number : Touch the largest number from all numbers in the screen.
20. Card Calculation : Calculation training of two cards. Select the answer by touching the card.
21. Stray Shape : Touch the one shape which doesn't fit in the holes.
22. Order Making : Input a number or an alphabet to the blank to make the right order.
23. Silhouette Box : Silhouettes goes in and out. Select one that remained in the box.
24. Pair Shapes : Select a pair of shapes that meets the condition.
25. Concentration : Memorize and select the pair of same cards.
26. Reverse Order : Touch alphabets in reverse order.
27. Input Arrows : Input all arrows on the screen by touching the D-pad.
28. Pitch of Sound : Listen to sound and answer the pitch.
29. Instant Decision : If "o" appears, touch it quickly.
30. Make 10 : Fill in the blank to make 10.
31. instantaneous Num : Remember the numbers in short time.

Trainings and new features will be added in future update.
Please enjoy Daily Brain Training!

Daily Brain Training aru-baru ini diperbarui daily brain aplikasi oleh JoyPlot, yang dapat digunakan untuk berbagai training tujuan. Versi terbarunya 1.6.0 memiliki 116159 unduhan. Anda dapat mengunduh Daily Brain Training APK untuk Android sekarang.


Nama Daily Brain Training
Tentang Pelatihan Brain harian adalah aplikasi pelatihan otak bebas mengandung banyak pelatihan otak.
Penilaian 3.80 / 5 15 suara
Spesifikasi Require Android 4.4 and up
Bahasa Indonesia
Lisensi gratis
Kategori education, daily, brain, training, shapes, calculation
Ukuran 70M
Versi 1.6.0
Pencipta JoyPlot
Unduhan 116159

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