Coffee Craze

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Coffee Craze

स्वादिष्ट पेय के साथ ग्राहकों की सेवा करके दुनिया की सर्वश्रेष्ठ कॉफी की दुकानें चलाएं!

Everyone loves a coffee break! ☕ Run the best coffee shops in the world by serving your customers with delicious drinks! Sell more coffee, make more money, and expand into a coffee empire!

Be an entrepreneur! Customize and upgrade your shop and employees! Your clients will be more and more satisfied once new equipments are unlocked and new decoration arrives! As a boss, you can manage an amazing shop and earn money by serving all your customers!

Download the game for free and open new coffee shops around the globe to build a coffee empire! Expand each shop with many counters to produce more hot caffeinated beverages to sell for cash. Choose which drinks to offer at your shop to help grow your business and you collect even more idle cash. Be the captain of your coffee tycoon & automate your shop with managers, so your baristas will generate idle cash automatically. Your baristas will continue to work, even when you are offline from the game! Improve your machines & productions and your idle cash income increases!

★ Manage and grow your own coffee shops to sell drinks and earn cash
★ Your coffee stations continue producing, even when you are offline from the game
★ Invest your hard earned cash to level up your equipment and boost your income
★ Manage up to 30 different coffee stations in each shop
★ No wifi needed - you can play offline!

Coffee Craze हाल ही में अपडेट किया गया है games coffee द्वारा आवेदन। Fiveamp, जिसे विभिन्न के लिए इस्तेमाल किया जा सकता है craze प्रयोजनों। इसका नवीनतम संस्करण 1.013.009 है 1108989 डाउनलोड। आप Coffee Craze APK Android के लिए अभी

विशेष विवरण

नाम Coffee Craze
बारे में स्वादिष्ट पेय के साथ ग्राहकों की सेवा करके दुनिया की सर्वश्रेष्ठ कॉफी की दुकानें चलाएं!
रेटिंग 4.30 / 5 of 72 वोट
आवश्यकताएं Require Android 4.4 and up
भाषा English
लाइसेंस मुक्त
कैटेगरी simulation, games, coffee, craze, idle, barista
साइज़ 63M
संस्करण 1.013.009
डेट अपडेट करें
लेखक Fiveamp
डाउनलोड 1108989

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सर्वश्रेष्ठ Simulation ऐप

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