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Poly Leap

Poly Leap

  • v1.1

सुपर भयानक प्लेटफ़ॉर्मिंग अनुभव !!

Poly Leap खेल info


A Hyper Casual-Platforming game but not a garbage as hyper casual games.

Jump between platforms, avoid traps. Simple controls, deep enemies.

' + `If you ever think "Hey, why didn't i climb everest yet?" then you probably in a midlife crisis. This game is the best way to clear your head. While dying again and again you will forget about your failures... probably... maybe not idk i m trying to market this game.
` + '
But maybe when you play Poly Leap you'll say:
"Ahh... yess... QUALITY CONTENT"
instead of
"Why does this game exist?"
like our 99% of our players...

' + `Wow there is 3500 character left. Maybe i should talk about interesting things. Well... we added achivements to game. yeah thats it. Also a scoreboard. You probably get excited and click the download button. But your internet didn't fast as your exciting so you start to look comments of game. OMG! this must be best game ever! because there is no comment. All players love this game so much that they don't have time to comment. You get excited x 2. You look download bar its half the way. But man?! are you from moon or something? Game is 15mb. Should be downloaded already. Your internet must be garbage. Maybe you live on a ship in the middle of ocean. btw 2800 character left, we are doing great. You must be so bored that you went deep into the play store and found this game. But like super premium deluxe ultra bored. If you bored like this, you probably in the ocean so long. So i guess this is not a trip this is a job about ocean; maybe fishing, maybe building internet cable all along the ocean. Heyyy maybe you work in a oil platform things. You work for months and today you get really bored. Then think "Maybe i can blow up this platform" but you think this is a bad idea somehow so you choose to go to deep of play store. Then you spent your precious minutes to read this. At this point you get a notification like "Poly Leap Installed!". You quickly click the notification and the game start! But in the openning you see "Unity" logo and realised that developer didn't care about the game so much that they didn't even pay to remove the unity logo. Your whole hype is gone. What now? Game finally opened and you see play button. You reluctantly click the play button and then game start. You Don't understand game because tutorials. Well there is tutorial but they are so small. In a phone screen it's smaller even more. You click the screen a few times and hope something happen. Nothing happen becasue you don't know that you have to drag to move player. While you still clicking screen new notificaion appears "Battery is low". You... why i m writing that story. I'm bored already.
` + '
Never mind. Game is good, play the game . What? I m the dev. what did you except me to say? Shall I criticize? nope, sorry. bye


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नि: शुल्क
Android 4.4
casual, games, poly, leap, clicking, super
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Paxel The Dev
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