MONOPOLY Solitaire

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MONOPOLY Solitaire

MONOPOLY बोर्ड गेम और सॉलिटेयर को इस तरह से खेलें जैसा आपने पहले कभी नहीं देखा होगा!

Classic Solitaire meets MONOPOLY in this new mash-up brought to you by Hasbro and the original creators of Solitaire! Now is your chance to play these two classic games for FREE and become a MONOPOLY millionaire. Easy to play but impossible to put down, MONOPOLY Solitaire is a relaxing card game with an exciting twist. Earn MONOPOLY Bucks and roll the dice as you play each solitaire hand. Work your way along the Boardwalk, collecting properties and building houses and hotels as you go. You’ll use your hard-earned cash from playing solitaire! Puzzle your way through each solitaire challenge to earn more rolls and get ahead of your opponents. Collect rent from all your properties and ace the game by being the richest landlord on the Boardwalk!

Play solitaire and the MONOPOLY board game in a way you’ve never experienced before! Your opponent got ahead of you and purchased your favorite property? No problem, you’ll have a chance to take over the property and build your MONOPOLY empire! Fast gameplay is guaranteed and you never need to worry about running out of time to finish the game. Play the game anywhere and anytime you want.

Enjoy one of the most iconic board games from Hasbro coupled with the most popular solitaire game from MobilityWare. Are you ready to challenge yourself and become the richest landlord in the world of MONOPOLY? Join us and download MONOPOLY Solitaire today!

Game Features:

-Enjoy all your favorites from the MONOPOLY GAME BOARD, but be careful..Jail is around the corner!
-Use STRATEGY to master the boardwalk.
-PASS GO to collect Rent, you win more each time you pass!
-Test your luck with the CHANCE CARDS. Can you change your fate?
-EARN MONOPOLY BUCKS and MONOPOLY moves by completing solitaire deals. You can play as many solitaire games as you want!
-COLLECT PROPERTIES, buy HOUSES and HOTELS and EARN RENT to win the game! Just like the MONOPOLY game you remember.
-Play the game WHENEVER YOU WANT as a single player.

Download and play the game for free!

The MONOPOLY name and logo, the distinctive design of the game board, the four corner squares, the MR. MONOPOLY name and character, as well as each of the distinctive elements of the board, cards, and the playing pieces are trademarks of Hasbro for its property trading game and game equipment used with permission. MONOPOLY © 1935, 2021 Hasbro. All Rights Reserved. Licensed by Hasbro.

MONOPOLY Solitaire हाल ही में अपडेट किया गया है games monopoly द्वारा आवेदन। MobilityWare, जिसे विभिन्न के लिए इस्तेमाल किया जा सकता है solitaire प्रयोजनों। इसका नवीनतम संस्करण 2021.11.0.3799 है 220160 डाउनलोड। आप MONOPOLY Solitaire APK Android के लिए अभी

विशेष विवरण

नाम MONOPOLY Solitaire
बारे में MONOPOLY बोर्ड गेम और सॉलिटेयर को इस तरह से खेलें जैसा आपने पहले कभी नहीं देखा होगा!
रेटिंग 4.20 / 5 of 98 वोट
आवश्यकताएं Require Android 7.0 and up
भाषा English
लाइसेंस मुक्त
कैटेगरी card, games, monopoly, solitaire, earn, collecting
साइज़ 135M
संस्करण 2021.11.0.3799
डेट अपडेट करें
लेखक MobilityWare
डाउनलोड 220160

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Cअब तक के November 2021 में Android के लिए बेस्ट Card ऐप्स देखें। अब तक के 6 सबसे अधिक डाउनलोड card सॉफ्टवेयर देखें। आप रिव्यू, वॉकथ्रू और गेमप्ले वीडियो के लिए Android Freeware YouTube चैनल को भी सब्सक्राइब कर सकते हैं।

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