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Shark ID

कॉलर आईडी एक अज्ञात नंबर, स्पैम ब्लॉक, डायलर, कॉल रिमाइंडर के संदर्भ में दिखाती है

SharkID is Smart Calling app with Caller ID, Contacts Backup and Smart Phonebook app with SPAM detection and Block number.

2 Million+ users trust Shark ID for their daily communication needs for caller ID, Spam detection, finding connections of contacts within their trusted friend group to elevate trust on an unknown caller.

Smart Caller ID

- Automatically identify the name of the unknown caller

- Automatically identify Spammers and Telemarketers

- Identify connections between you and a caller

- Block SPAM and telemarketers as well as any contact/number

- Report SPAM calls

- Open WhatsApp to message to the caller during and after the call

- Save the number to your contacts by a single click

Smart Calling and Phonebook

- Publish Digital Business card and Personal card

- One click Call, SMS, Email, Whatsapp

- Automatically update contact details when your contact updates their contact coordinates

- Follow contact to get a notification when he/she updates his/her contact coordinates

- Search contacts by various parameters, e.g. Name, partial name, Hashtags, Location, company name etc.

- Quick access to frequently used numbers ( AI-powered)

- Automatically terminate blocked calls

- Backup contacts and restore to any Android devices

- Manage contacts from My Contacts

Smart Call History

- See names of unknown numbers in the call history

- See connections/reference of an unknown number

- See spammed calls

- See Blocked calls

- Search call history by name or number

- Filter calls by call types

- Unblock by right swipe

- Message to an unknown number without saving by left swipe

- Can save an unknown number to your contacts by a single click

- Block contacts by right swipe

- Report number as Spammer, Telemarket etc. by right swipe

- Grouped call history of each contact and an unknown number

Smart Dialer

- Identify name and connection before dialling the number

- T9 dialling to dial name instead of a full phone number

- Find a business card by the number of the business owner

Call Reminder

- Never missed any an important call to call back

- Add call reminders

- Reminds you to call by notification with Sound

People / Business Search

- You can search for new business within your network of friends so you can elevate trust in searched business by asking the reference to your friends or friends of the friend

All Shark DI personal profile (contact card) are private by default.

We need permission to access your CALL LOG to show Name and SPAM detection of an unknown caller in the recent call log list, and Process Outgoing call to Show caller ID and Identify the Name of a dialled number. Shark ID will work as per expected with Call Log and Process Outgoing Call access only.

Don't worry about your privacy, WE DO NOT UPLOAD/COLLECT/SHARE YOUR CALL LOG HISTORY ON OUR SERVER, your personal information stays in your device and is not shared anywhere.

We respect your privacy, so You have better privacy control from settings.


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Shark ID हाल ही में अपडेट किया गया है shark smart द्वारा आवेदन। Shark Identity Private Limited, जिसे विभिन्न के लिए इस्तेमाल किया जा सकता है calling प्रयोजनों। इसका नवीनतम संस्करण 4.3 है 2795208 डाउनलोड। आप Shark ID APK Android के लिए अभी

विशेष विवरण

नाम Shark ID
बारे में कॉलर आईडी एक अज्ञात नंबर, स्पैम ब्लॉक, डायलर, कॉल रिमाइंडर के संदर्भ में दिखाती है
रेटिंग 3.70 / 5 of 17 वोट
आवश्यकताएं Require Android 5.0 and up
भाषा English
लाइसेंस मुक्त
कैटेगरी communication, shark, smart, calling, phonebook, caller
साइज़ 12M
संस्करण 4.3
लेखक Shark Identity Private Limited
डाउनलोड 2795208

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