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Sleep Meditation for Calm sleep by Wysa

Sleep Meditation for Calm sleep by Wysa

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Sleep Meditation for Calm sleep by Wysa अनुप्रयोग info

Sleep by Wysa is your go-to sleep app when you want to sleep well. If you want to get deep sleep but can’t, because of a negative thought or worries troubling your mind, sleep mindfulness by Wysa is here to give you some headspace & provide any sleep aid that you need to sleep better. Sleep stories including bedtime stories help you breathe, calm down and free you from stress and meditations help you with sleep relaxation. Relieve stress, have a restful sleep, relax and calm with all the tools that are provided by this sleep relaxation app.

Listen to a different sleep story every day to fall asleep. Sleepytime tales are the best things that could happen when sleep is miles away from your eyes and you are not sleepiest. Relive the comforting nostalgia of bedtime stories with sleep stories for grown ups as they help you drift into sleep.

Studies show that writing a diary at bedtime can help you clear some headspace, think positively and that can be a real sleep booster which can help you sleep better and fall asleep quickly. Practicing gratitude before going to sleep can provide you a good night’s sleep and a morning with positive energy and a hopeful frame of mind.

Put your restless sleep to an end with free sleep melodies and sleep sounds. Sleep melody works wonders when you want your sleep restore your body’s energy. Wysa’s Sleep as Android app which includes sleep white noise is one of the best sleep meditation and sleepings apps free. If you are looking for the best sleep apps and sleepings apps, then you have found the right one for deep sleep.


✨ Featured for World Mental Health Day - in 2018 and 2019

😎 Has helped more than 1 million people

📝 Use CBT-i for insomnia and journaling to sleep well

Sometimes we get tangled inside our heads, and negative thoughts don’t let us sleep at bedtime even when we are feeling sleepiest. Wysa can help you rethink those thoughts with CBT tools for insomnia and adhd. Wysa already has helped more than a million people successfully break the cycle of negative thinking by helping them reframe those thoughts. A touch of positivity before going to sleep can have a impact for deep sleep.

Mindfulness starts with breathing. Breathing exercises are one of the most underrated techniques to be calm, which you will get in this mindfulness sleep app free.

Deep sleep sounds good when sleep deprivation kicks in. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for insomnia (CBT-I) is a proven technique that can do wonders for insomnia and adhd. Don’t believe us? Try it yourself. For extra support, you can avail of guidance from psychologists - Wysa Sleep. Coaches who can help you deal with different issues related to sleep using CBT-I. Sessions with sleep coaches will be aimed at moving towards healthier bedtime sleep habits and finding strategies that will work for you.

- Have a look at how Wysa can help you improve your sleep quality when you are sleepiest

- Bedtime stories to fall asleep: Enjoy calm sleep with sleep stories by Wysa

- Relax, focus and sleep peacefully with the help of mindful sleep meditation free

- Wysa’s calm sleep booster app helps to get better sleep and head space

- Practice CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) to sign off the day on a high note

- 30+ coaching tools which help in dealing with Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Worry, Loss, or Conflict

- Wysa is the calm app you need for meditation and sleep. It helps you to stop, breathe & think, making it an effective sleep booster

- Manage anxious thoughts and anxiety: deep breathing, techniques for observing thoughts, visualization, and tension relief

- Dealing with worry: observe mindfulness & practice breathing techniques. Use Wysa to meditate and stay calm

- Manage conflict at work, school or in relationships that are not letting you sleep: special mindfulness and visualizations like empty chair exercise, gratitude meditation, exercises to build skills in having difficult conversations

Give it a go!


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