Witch Spheres

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Witch Spheres

You must connect all the bubbles in this enchanting game.

Help the witch to get the potion for the spell to remove the dark. Connect all the magical bubbles in this enchanting game. You will enjoy, because you will be instantly bewitched by these extraordinary graphics. If you release the eight magic potions you will overcome each level. The origins of this game have been lost in the mists of time, but is said to have been inspired by Mahjong. Throughout the years, it has stood the test of time, and its longevity has made it popular again today, as the game has enjoyed a new resurgence with people of all ages. It is interesting, fun, and stimulates the cognitive processes of the brain. The goal is to help the witch to remove all enchanted spheres on the board. Two bubbles with same picture can be removed at a time. Two spheres can be removed only if they can be connected with a maximum of three lines. You can find eight kinds of special items, they will give you more points.. There is no time limit, so you can play this game quietly. The game is lost if no moves are available and bubbles are left on the board, or is won if the player successfully removes all the amulets.

Witch Spheres हाल ही में अपडेट किया गया है witch amulets द्वारा आवेदन। grupoalamar.com, जिसे विभिन्न के लिए इस्तेमाल किया जा सकता है potion प्रयोजनों। इसका नवीनतम संस्करण 1.00 है 34 डाउनलोड। आप Witch Spheres APK Android के लिए अभी

विशेष विवरण

नाम Witch Spheres
बारे में You must connect all the bubbles in this enchanting game.
रेटिंग 5 / 5 of 1 वोट
आवश्यकताएं Android OS
भाषा English
लाइसेंस मुक्त
कैटेगरी bubbles, witch, amulets, potion, magic, magical
साइज़ 1.4 Mb
संस्करण 1.00
लेखक grupoalamar.com
डाउनलोड 34

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