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Private U

Proteggi la tua privacy, garantisci la tua sicurezza durante la navigazione o l'utilizzo di wifi e app.

▶ Worried about your information being leaked through the Internet?
▶ Worried about leaving traces of use when browsing the websites?
▶ Worried about others spying on your application?

✔ Private U is a privacy guard and app locker that will protect your security online and lock apps by using a pattern. It's the best choice to guard your privacy security with privacy browser, wifi protect, account secure protect, app permission detection, applock.AppLock can lock Facebook, Snapchat, Whatsapp, SMS, Google Play and any other applications you want to lock to ensure your information will not be leaked.

🚀Highlights of Private U

🛡️ Privacy Browser
When you use Private U privacy browser to browse websites you like, your won't leave traces. Private U will clear all your internet traces and protect you with leading privacy and security features such as HTTPS everywhere (encrypted data traffic), script blocking, 3rd party cookie blocking and incognito private tabs.

🛡️ Wifi Protect
When you connect to WiFi outside, you may face network security risks, and your personal information will leak out through wifi hotspots. But as long as you use privatex, it will help you detect the security of wifi, give you risk tips, and protect you from information security threats that wifi hotspots may bring.

🛡️ Account Safety Protect
When you use your account in a risky network environment, the network server is often attacked by hackers, and the information system in individual networks cannot be restored to normal operation after being attacked. Network software is often tampered with or destroyed by people, and stored or transmitted in the network. The data is often tampered with, added or deleted, copied or used by unauthorized persons. Private U will help you monitor network security when you are using social, Google, payment, game accounts, ensure that your account information and money will not be leaked.

🛡️ App permission detection
Many applications will obtain your mobile phone permissions with one click before using it. It is difficult for you to know which permissions are necessary and which permissions are overused by operators. Opening too many permissions will bring information security issues. Operators can easily obtain all kinds of data on your phone, including geographic location, private files, address book, message, call records, account information, etc. If you don’t close it in time, you and your phone’s security will be threatened. Private U can detect the permissions of the application, tell you which permissions do not need to be opened to the operator, avoid excessive acquisition of mobile phone permissions, and protect your personal privacy.

🛡️ App Lock
Lock apps containing private contents by using pattern to protect your privacy. You can lock Facebook, Google Play, Whatsapp, payment app and any other apps that you don't want others to snoop. Create a perfect privacy space for you, you don’t need to worry about your secrets being known.

🛡️ Browser encryption
Not only apps, Private U also provides the browser lock, whether it is chrome, UC or any other browsers, you can add a pattern lock. If others want to know what websites you have recently browsed, they must unlock the browser to check them.

🔑 Download and start to protect your privacy!

Private U è stato aggiornato di recente privacy network applicazione di baingandeveloper, che può essere usato per vari account secure scopi. La sua ultima versione 1.0.3 ha 3173 download. Puoi scaricare Private U APK per Android adesso.

Puoi facilmente estrarre informazioni dettagliate su ciascuna app dai suoi screenshot. Ottieni una brillante idea delle sue capacità e cosa aspettarsi da esso.


Nome Private U
circa Si tratta di un'applicazione tools gratuita la cui ultima versione è 1.0.3. baingandeveloper ha rilasciato questo software per Android su
Valutazione 4.70 / 5 di 74 voti
Requisiti di sistema Require Android 5.0 and up
Lingua Inglese
Licenza Gratuito
Categorie tools, privacy, network, account secure, operators, ensure
Taglia 10.0M
Versione 1.0.3
Data di aggiornamento
Autore baingandeveloper
Scaricamenti 3173


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