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  • v1.0.3

Identification of fungi, The application instantly recognizes the mushroom based on the photo.

Fungus 앱 info

Mushrooming has never been easier.

The application uses state-of-the-art artificial intelligence algorithms and neural networks. The calculation is highly demanding on the performance of the device and therefore takes place on the server. It is therefore necessary to have an internet connection to recognize mushrooms.

The database currently contains 12,352 mushrooms. For 1736 species it achieves accuracy over 80% and the number is still growing. To achieve best results, the mushrooms need to be photographed several times from different perspectives, so that all parts of the mushroom from different angles can be seen in the photos.

Saves search history, displays photos of recognized mushrooms, and more.

No mushroom recognition application can be completely flawless. Never consume mushrooms based solely on the results of this application. Many people die each year after eating a poisonous mushroom. Always check the results with an expert before eating.


APK files

  • Fungus apk
  • 从照片中识别蘑菇 apk
  • Pengenalan cendawan dari foto apk
  • कवक apk
  • Fungos apk

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Android 5.0
tools, identification, fungi
APK (Android Package Kit)
Dominik Steinhauser
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