White Noise Sleep Sounds

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White Noise Sleep Sounds

O ruído branco, sons de chuva, natureza, e sono sons para dormir melhor e relaxante

White Noise is proven to make you sleep better. Sleep sounds and nature sounds make you relax and fall asleep.

With this app you'll sleep better tonight, guaranteed. Its the most effective & highest quality sleep app, with over 5,400,00 happy customers.

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' + `This is the famous "APP THAT HELPS THE WORLD SLEEP". Turn it on and you'll be asleep in minutes, guaranteed.
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Sleep Pillow provides an advanced set of high quality ambient sounds, premixed for perfect sleep enhancement. The sounds are recorded and enhanced to relax and make you sleep. They isolate, create a relaxed environment, and put you into a cyclical sleep pattern.

The way these sounds are created will induce sleep even for difficult sleepers or in the noisiest environments.


● Naturally recorded sounds
● Pre-mastered & high quality

Some of our sounds:
light rain| medium rain | tropical rain | rain on tent | rain on car + wipers | thunder storm | wind & rain & thunder storm | wind-vane blade | wind in field | outside bonfire | inside fireplace | garden fountain | stream | bubbling stream | gentle beach waves | beach & white noise mix | beach waves & birds | row boat | motor boat | birds & gentle frogs | small tropical birds | distant birds | lake birds | jungle cave birds | jungle life | forest life | horse running in field | whale song | underwater dive | bubbles | cold drink with ice | quiet city traffic | city nightlife | luxury car ride | business class travel | train ride | wall clock | mother's heartbeat | thin wind chimes | medium wind chimes | thick wind chimes | wooden wind chimes | underwater melody | temple atmosphere | indian tent | beach resort hammock | soothing guitar | quiet piano | couple's getaway melody | dream catcher melody | massage atmosphere music | beach meditation music | quiet resort room | metronome | baby lullaby 1 | baby lullaby 2 | baby lullaby 3 | white noise | blue noise | radio crackle | ceiling fan | box fan | metal box fan | tall stand fan | small fan | hair dryer | vacuum | clothes dryer


● Sleep timer with slow fade-out
● App runs in the background
● App runs while device locked / screen dark
● Favorite sounds shortlist
● High quality nature images, to set the mood


● Wall Street Journal: "the hottest tracks on digital playlists: oscillating fan, crickets, waves..."

● AppAdvice: "No matter what the reason, Sleep Pillow can make a stressful mood just disappear."

● Successful Living: "Great for those nights you have trouble falling asleep… it keeps its promise of getting you to sleep."

' + `● WGNA Radio: "There's an app to help you sleep!"
` + '

● Dear customers, we are here for you! support@fitness22.com

White Noise Sleep Sounds foi atualizado recentemente audio noise aplicação por Ipnos Software, que pode ser usado para vários sounds inalidades. Sua versão mais recente 2.430 tem 547708 transferências. Você pode baixar White Noise Sleep Sounds APK para Android agora.

Você pode extrair facilmente informações detalhadas sobre cada aplicativo a partir de suas capturas de tela. Tenha uma idéia brilhante de seus recursos e o que esperar dele.


Nome White Noise Sleep Sounds
Sobre O ruído branco, sons de chuva, natureza, e sono sons para dormir melhor e relaxante
Classificação 4.80 / 5 de 90 votos
Requisitos Require Android 4.3 and up
Idioma Inglês
Licença Livre
Categorias music, audio, noise, sounds, rain, birds
Tamanho Varies with device
Versão 2.430
Data de atualização
Autor Ipnos Software
Transferências 547708


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