Wild West Heroes

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Wild West Heroes

Monte para cima, atire neles, cavalgue. Yeehaw!

Download Now and Heed the Call of the Wild West. The Townsfolk call out for help from a New Mayor, Come to their Aid to bring Law and Order to a Wild Frontier Town. Play WEST HEROES, a strategy idle RPG game. Start your brand New Adventure in the Old West.

Defeat Bandits, Train Robbers, and other Baddies on foot or atop your steed. Form an invincible team from the Heroes of the Old West, and rebuild your Wild West Town however you imagine!


Gunfights and horseback shoot-outs!

Battle it out with the nefarious ne’erdowells of the Wild Frontier, engage in thrilling shoot-outs, and utilize your party’s unique GRIT skills to take down bandits, desperadoes, and cattle rustlers across the great wild yonder. Fight it out on foot or ride them down in thrilling horseback gunfights.

Round-Up Your Heroes

There are over 60+ West Heroes, each with Individual Abilities and Skills in the Wild West. Recruit them and Find their True Potential, Develop an Invincible Party. Smith yourself Fine Weaponry, Equipment, and Accessories and equip them to Your Heroes to lead them to Victory!

Customize your Town however you want

Construct your town exactly how you want it to look. No need to wait, your townsfolk can put up your buildings immediately with no pesky timers. Employ your Heroes around town to Improve Their Skills. Earn Resource Even While Offline. Your West Heroes are more than capable of taking care of your Town.

Experience The Old West

Bring law by hunting down criminals, interrogating their leaders, and escorting your prisoners to justice, Or take some time off to go fishing, dancing at the local watering hole or fulfilling quests from the townsfolk. There is something for everyone to enjoy in the world of WEST HEROES.

Embark on Adventure in an expansive Wild West World

Mount up your horse and take the reins as you explore a wide Wild West World. Ride across Burning Deserts, Vast Plains of Open Range, and Perilous Mountains. Defend your own against Bandits and Criminals, Collect Bounties, Finish Heroic Quests and compete in Arena-like Shoot-outs. Join in and begin your New Old West Adventure on the Wild Frontier.

Wild West Heroes foi atualizado recentemente games wild aplicação por GOAT Games, que pode ser usado para vários west inalidades. Sua versão mais recente tem 343742 transferências. Você pode baixar Wild West Heroes APK para Android agora.

Você pode extrair facilmente informações detalhadas sobre cada aplicativo a partir de suas capturas de tela. Tenha uma idéia brilhante de seus recursos e o que esperar dele.


Nome Wild West Heroes
Sobre Monte para cima, atire neles, cavalgue. Yeehaw!
Classificação 4.00 / 5 de 36 votos
Requisitos Require Android 6.0 and up
Idioma Inglês
Licença Livre
Categorias simulation, games, wild, west, heroes, town
Tamanho 76M
Data de atualização
Autor GOAT Games
Transferências 343742


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